This award recognizes the individual deemed as the most outstanding rookie referee of the year from the previous year’s USA Open Championship Event.


    Rod Rodriguez


    Officiated as a first and second referee in a minimum of eight (8) matches at a United States Open Championship event as a USA National Referee in his/her first assignment at this level following certification at this rating; Demonstrated consistent quality and ability as a referee throughout each match he/she has been assigned; Demonstrated leadership quality in his/her capacity as a first and second referee under varying conditions of competition; Demonstrated personal characteristics that are consistent with the high ideals and purposes of the Code of Ethics as approved by the USA Volleyball Officials Development Department; Former recipients are not eligible for this award.

1979: Jim Graham
1980: Darryl Bender
1981: Douglas Wilson
1983: Fred Wendelboe
1984: Jack Flora
1986: Patricia Salvatore
1987: Todd Brownell
1988: Gordon Erickson
1989: Joel Reinford, Ken Taylor
1990: Guy Oato
1991: Steve Owen
1993: Eric Asami
1994: Mary Holly
1995: Ben Jordan
1996: Alan Stankaitis
1998: Mary Faragher, Clark Radcliffe
1999: Kevin Cull
2000: Keith Murlless
2002: Dan DiPirro
2003: Ditmers Veinbachs
2004: Wade Brence, Bill Stanley
2005: Malafu Tiatia
2006: Rod Rodriguez
2007: Erika Fisaga
2008: Margo Juergens
2009: Stephen Arichea
2010: Thomas Van Someren
2011: Jason Olson
2012: Greg Krueger
2013: Ed Richardson
2014: Ed Tucholski
2015: Greg Cwiekala
2016: Luis Martinez
2017: Chad Sievers
2018: Frank Ayala 2019: Cindy Thompson