Training opportunities for the Collegiate National Team (CNT) programming will be exceptional development experiences. These top athletes will train under the guidance of our country’s top volleyball coaches.

Athletes will be provided evaluation, feedback and individual development plans (IDP) that will be further accompanied by online learning experiences to help support them in a healthy and holistic way. Training will be aligned with the expectations of the U.S. National Team coaching and performance staff.

CNT experiences will bring together the best athletes from around the country to train with and against the best. When able, CNT experiences will offer an opportunity for our athletes to compete at a high level against international opponents and federations.

Any U23 athlete with one or more years of collegiate eligibility remaining may be invited to the training blocks.

Age Groups

U23Born in 1999U23Born in 1999
U21Born in 2001U21Born in 2001
U20Born in 2002U20Born in 2002
U19Born in 2003U19Born in 2003
U18Born in 2004U18Born in 2004
U17Born in 2005U17Born in 2005
U16Born in 2006U16Born in 2006
U15Born in 2007


Collegiate National Team Training Blocks

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