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COVID-19 has presented numerous challenges for youth sports organizations.

After navigating postponed and canceled seasons, administrators and coaches are now facing new obstacles as teams return to play.

But, just like their athletes, youth sports leaders are a resilient group and have discovered new ways to use the existing tools at their disposal to keep sports in session and athletes safe.

To help you do the same, we’re excited to share the top five ways your organization can use SportsEngine HQ to navigate COVID-19:

Use RSVPs for contact tracing and health checks

RSVPs have always been a popular feature for teams, and now it’s taken on even greater importance. RSVPs are an easy way to keep an accurate attendance record for contact tracing and even require pre-event health checks.

Contact tracing

Contact tracing is a method used by the CDC and other health organizations to figure out who an infected person may have come in contact with while they were contagious. Keeping an accurate attendance record for every event is critical in case a team member tests positive for COVID-19.

If an athlete tests positive for COVID-19, you can go back and see when that athlete last participated to alert other families on your team.

Better yet, invest in a temporal thermometer that coaches can use on athletes before they’re allowed to participate in an event—these are fast, easy-to-use, and can be purchased for around $50. Read how the Minnesota Blades are doing this.

Health checks

Organizations are now creating two events for every in-person activity: one event to confirm an athlete’s attendance and the other to confirm that a health check has been completed.

The second “health check” event can be fairly simple. In the details of the event, provide a quick checklist of items families need to verify before marking their athlete as able to participate that day. Here’s an example checklist:

  • Is your athlete currently running a fever?
  • Are they exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19?
  • Have they been in recent contact with a COVID-positive individual?

Also, refer to CDC guidelines when considering what items to include in your health check events.

Don’t want to create a second event every day for health checks? Create one daily recurring health check for a month and quickly send reminders if needed through SportsEngine HQ.

Collect waivers and health information

Online registration forms can also be used for health surveys and to collect waivers.

Right now is a great time to update participation waivers, your refund policy, and to protect your organization from liability. Make sure you’ve included a COVID-19 acknowledgment section in your waiver so families understand the risks of catching the illness. Then, update your refund policy to establish how much of their registration fees are refundable.

These health surveys and waivers can be collected during registration or as a page element on your SportsEngine website.

Keep in constant contact with families

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