DENVER, Colo. (April 17, 2019) – More than 430 college club volleyball teams have descended on Denver for the 2019 National Collegiate Volleyball Federation (NCVF) Club Championships on April 18-20 at the Colorado Convention Center.

The event for college club volleyball teams will have five divisions each for men and women. Men will compete in Division I (48 teams), Division IAA (48 teams), Division IAAA (36 teams), Division II (48 teams) and Division III (48 teams). Women will have championship brackets for Division I (48 teams), Division IAA (48 teams), Division IAAA (36 teams), Division II (24 teams) and Division III (48 teams).

The NCVF has also announced that the 2020 event will be held in Kansas City, Mo.

The NCVF acts as the national governing body for organized collegiate club volleyball competitions. For over two decades, NCVF volunteers have provided a full range of support for student club teams by promoting year-long affordable, organized and competitive volleyball events, and supporting a season-ending national championship tournament. It is made up of students, volleyball conference commissioners, player representatives, coaches, officials, trainers, recreation sports directors and many volunteers. The organization devotes 100 percent of its resources and funding toward the support of quality collegiate club volleyball activities.

For additional information on the NCVF Collegiate Club Championships and the NCVF organization, click here.

2019 NCVF Seeds by Division

Men’s DI
2. Liberty (ECVA)
3. Marquette A (WVC)
4. UW Madison A (MIVA)
5. Florida (ECVA)

Men’s DIAA
1. Temple (MACVC)
3. UBuff (ECVA)
4. UConn (NECVL)
5. Arkansas (MWPVC)

1. Ball State
2. Carroll U
4. UIC
5. Kansas

Men’s DII
1. Saint Louis U A
2. Lewis
3. UW-La Crosse
4. Sonoma State A
5. UW-Eau Claire A

Men’s DIII
1. Penn State B
2. Marquette B
3. Cal Poly SLO B
4. Indiana B
5.Liberty B

Women’s DI
1. Texas A&M A-W
2. Texas A-W
4. Penn State-W

Women’s DIAA
1. LSU-W
2. San Jose A-W
3. Baylor A-W
4. Truman State-W
5. Saint Louis A-W

Women’s DIAAA
1. Kansas State-W
2. Penn A-W
3. Maryland-W
4. Temple A-W
5. Stanford-W

Women’s DII
1. Sonoma State A-W
2. UW-EauClaire A-W
3. UW-La Crosse-W
4. CSU San Marcos-W
5. Air Force-W

Women’s DIII
1. Texas A&M B-W
2. Texas B-W=
3. Ohio State B-W
4. Cal Poly B-W