Two girls chest bump
1United 10N Blue won the 10 Patriot division. Photo by Texas Star.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo (June 25, 2024) – Twelve champions have been crowned across multiple divisions in four age groups at the 2024 USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championship 11-13 (GJNC) at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.


10 Patriot

1United 10N Blue (North Texas Region) dropped only two sets, in its first match and last match, in going undefeated and taking gold in the exhibition 10s Patriot Division that featured 15 teams. It was the first year for a 10s division at GJNC.

After losing the first set of the final, they rallied for 25-23 and 15-12 wins against regional foe Madfrog 10s N Green (North Texas Region), who finished second with a 7-1 record and only the two set losses. Third place went to Dynasty 10 black (Heart of America Region) and EMV 10 National Black (North Texas Region).

“I want to thank USA Volleyball for having a 10s group. That is amazing. These kids love it,” said Cam Metcalf, head coach of 1United. “I want to also thank the officials who did a great job of officiating 10 year old volleyball. 10 year old volleyball is a little bit different. The people ran the courts perfectly. They had the nets ready, all the parents…what an amazing experience. And I also want to thank the USA group. Those women, they’re great role models for these kids and we use that every day in our practice.”

11 National

Madfrog 11s N Green (North Texas Region) won all nine of its matches and dropped only one set in the entire tournament to capture gold in 11 National.

In the final match, Madfrog and Dynasty 11 Black (Heart of America Region) swapped 25-18 set wins before Madfrog took the deciding set 15-9. Dynasty lost only one other set in eight wins. AP 11 adidas (Lone Star Region) and Top Select 11 Elite (Florida) were third.

“I love the 11s age group. It is so fun,” said Stefanie Samuels, head coach of Madfrog. “They are like sponges. They want to hear you; they want to learn; they want to grow, and they are right at that age where the challenge is so many other things other than skill. Obviously, keeping them calm and collected, and being able to fight through those moments where you’re just not perfect.”

12 American

NorCal 12-1 Black (Northern California Region) stormed through 12 American, taking all 11 matches and finishing on a 19-set winning streak, having lost only one set  (the second set in its opening match).

AZ REV 12 Premier (Arizona Region) finished second with a 9-2 mark, winning a trio of three-set matches, two by 15-10 scores, and one 17-15. NorCal defeated AZ REV in the final, 25-20, 25-21.

Third place went to FL Momentum 12U Neon Gold (Florida Region) and TAV Houston 12 adidas (Lone Star Region)

12 National

Tribe 12 Elite Cardinal (Florida Region) took first place in a 48-team field that included seven teams who lost either one or two matches. Tribe posted a 9-2 mark and captured all four of its 3-setters, including 15-12 in each of its final two matches.

“It has been an incredible journey,” said Tribe head coach Altone Williams. “We started in the summer, in summer camps, and just started doing in the fall season getting the girls to come in and learn a system, learn all skills and all the system that we put in for kids. (To have) them get comfortable with each other has been an amazing thing. So I want to be able to say the journey has been incredible. For me, this is where I get off on the destination, but for them, they are going to continue until 18s. It’s been an incredible experience being here at USA Volleyball. Nothing can be replicated because it’s a prestigious opportunity to come here and qualify.”

Dallas Skyline 12 Royal (North Texas Region) also recorded a 9-2 record to finish second in the division, taking two matches in the Gold Bracket in straight sets before falling in the three-set final to Tribe. Third place went to A5 12-1 LA (Southern Region) and Legacy 12-1 adidas (Lakeshore Region)

12 USA

WPVC 12 Armour Black (Florida Region) won nine of 10 matches to take the title in 12 USA with 24 teams competing. It was one of the championship’s most competitive divisions, with each team losing at least five sets and all but one losing at least seven.

WPVC played seven three-set matches, losing the first one in its first match and winning the other six. They won each of their last five matches in three sets with the closest being the final, 15-12, over SG Elite 12 Roshambo (Southern California Region).

SG Elite finished 8-2, winning three of five 3-setters. They defeated A5 12-2 Erin (Southern Region) 16-14 in the third set to set up its match with WPVC 12 Armour Black. A5 and Atomic 12 Smack Premier (Arizona Region) were third.

Girls celebrating on the court
WPVC 12 Armour Black wins. Photo by Texas Star.

12 Patriot

Fifty-three teams participated in the exhibition 12s Patriot Division with Texas United 12Red (Lone Star Region) taking the title by winning all 12 of its matches and finishing 24-0 in sets.

They defeated runner-up FORZA1 12 ONE (Southern California Region) in the final, 25-12, 25-19. FORZA1 posted a 10-2 record with a 3-1 mark in three-set matches. Third went to Mintonette Sports m.21 (Ohio Valley Region) and Roots 12-1 Green (Lone Star Region)

13 Open

A5 13-1 Karen (Southern Region) finished 9-1 to capture the championship in 13 Open, running off nine consecutive victories after losing the opener to Rockwood Thunder 13 Elite (Gateway Region) 16-14 in the third set.

A5 beat previously undefeated Dallas Skyline 13 Royal (North Texas Region) 25-23, 25-20 in the final. Dallas Skyline won its first nine matches and 18 of 19 sets, losing only one set to KC Power 13 Black (Heart of America Region).

Legacy 13-1 adidas (Lakeshore Region) and Miz Long Beach 13 Rockstar (Southern California Region) were third.

13 American

Gulfside 13U Prime (Florida Region) finished 11-1 with a 23-3 set record to win the 64-team 13s American Division. Their only loss came to Circle City 13 Black (Hoosier Region) in three sets in the last match of pool play. Gulfside defeated SG Elite 13 Roshambo (Southern California Region), 25-22, 25-19 in the final.

It was the first national title for the Gulfside club.

SG Elite had edged Circle City 13 Black with a 15-11 third-set victory to advance to the final with Gulfside. Circle City finished third with 208 U13 Elite (Evergreen Region)

13 Liberty

Madfrog 13s N White (North Texas Region) went undefeated in 10 matches and won 20 of 23 sets to capture 13 Liberty. After three consecutive three-set wins (16-14, 18-16, 15-9), they finished strong with four straight-set triumphs in a row.

In the final, they defeated Club One AZ 13Platinum (Arizona Region), 25-18, 25-23. Club One won all four of its three-set matches, advancing to the final with a thrilling 14-25, 26-24, 25-13 win over SA Juniors 13 Adidas (Lone Star Region). SA Juniors were third with TX Legacy 13 Elite (Lone Star)

13 National

Circle City 13 Purple (Hoosier Region) won all 11 of its matches to win the 48-team 13 National Division. They finished with a pair of close three-setters to close out the tournament, first defeating MKE Sting 13 Gold (Badger Region), 19-25, 25-23, 15-13 to reach the final.

In the final, Circle City opponent GJ 13 Nicole (Florida Region) sent the match into a third set with a 25-16 win in the second, but Circle City clinched the title with a 15-12 victory in the decisive set. GJ 13 posted a 9-2 mark with two of its final three wins coming in three sets.

MDJRS 13 Elite (Chesapeake Region) and the Sting were third.

13 USA

GVA/Mizuno 131u White (Puerto Rico) went 9-2 to take the competitive 13 USA Division. After going 3-2 in their first five matches, the team ran off six consecutive victories to finish on top.

Two of GVA/Mizuno’s last three victories were by 15-12 scores in the third set, including the final against Madfrog 13s N Black (North Texas Region).

Madfrog also posted a 9-2 record with both losses coming in tight three-setters. They won three 3-setters with its most exciting match being a 25-27, 26-24, 17-15 victory over MAVS KC 13-1 (Heart of America) in its opening Gold Bracket match.

Third place went to AJV 13 adidas (Lone Star Region) and Arete 13 Navy Telos (North Texas Region)

13 Patriot

Aspire 13 Premier (Arizona Region) won all 11 of its matches, dropping just one set in the championship, to take the title in the 71-team division.

After losing their only set of the championship to CTX Juniors 13 Mizuno (Lone Star Region), they took the deciding set 15-4 to advance to the final, where they defeated PCVC 13-1 (Southern California Region), 25-17, 25-16.

PCVC 13-1 lost only one set in reeling off 10 consecutive victories to reach the final, allowing 20 or more points just twice in 20 sets before the final.

CTX and Club Four 13 Boost (Gateway Region) were third.