USA Volleyball Past Presidents

George J. Fisher (d): 1928-1952
Harold T. Friermood (d): 1952-1955
Viggo O. Nelson (d): 1955-1959
E. Douglas Boyden (d): 1959-1969
Harry E. Wilson (d): 1969-1971
Wilbur H. Peck (d): 1971-1979
Donald S. Shondell: 1979-1980
Robert L. Lindsay (d): 1984-1988
William W. Baird (d): 1988-1992
Jerry Sherman (d): 1992-1996
Rebecca Howard: 1996-2000
Albert M. Monaco Jr.: 2000-2008

Note: In 2008, the USA Volleyball Board of Directors approved restructuring. This eliminated the office of board president. It was replaced by the chair of the Board of Directors, effective at the conclusion of the 2008 Beijing Summer Games.

USA Volleyball Past and Current Board of Directors Chairs

David Schreff: 2008-2011
Kevin Twohig (Interim): 2011
Adam Rymer: 2011-2014
Lori Okimura: 2014-2019
Cecile Reynaud: 2019-2021
Dave Gentile: 2021-

USA Volleyball Honorary Positions
President Emeritus Albert M. Monaco Jr.
Vice President Emeritus Joe Sharpless, deceased