2021 U.S. Women’s Collegiate National Team

Name (Pos., College, USAV Region)
Anota Adekunle (MB, Rice Univ., Lone Star)
Brionne Butler (MB, Univ. of Texas, Lone Star)
T’ara Caesar (OH, Univ. of Florida, Florida)
Tori Dilfer (S, Univ. of Louisville, Pioneer)
Dani Drews (OH, Univ. of Utah, Intermountain)
Logan Eggleston (OH, Univ. of Texas, Lone Star)
Skylar Fields (OPP, Univ, of Texas, Lone Star)
Zoe Fleck (L, UCLA, Southern California)
Marin Grote (MB, Univ. of Washington, Puget Sound)
Kaitlyn Hord (MB, Penn State Univ., Keystone)
CC McGraw (L, Univ. of Minnesota, North Country)
Brooke Nuneviller (L, Univ. of Oregon, Columbia Empire)
Thayer Hall (OH, Univ. of Florida, Florida)
Kayla Lund (OH, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Keystone)
Mac May (OH, UCLA, Southern California)
Marlie Monserez (S, Univ. of Florida, Florida)
Ella May Powell (S, Univ. of Washington, Puget Sound)
Yossi Pressley (OPP, Baylor Univ., Lone Star)
Dana Rettke (MB, Univ. of Wisconsin, Badger)
Devyn Robinson (OPP, Univ. of Wisconsin, Badger)
Jess Robinson (MB, Univ. of Michigan, Lakeshore)
Stephanie Samedy (OPP, Univ. of Minnesota, North Country)
Lauren Sanders (MB, Univ. of Washington, Puget Sound)
Shannon Scully (L, TBD, Southern California)
Melani Shaffmaster (S, Univ. of Minnesota, North Country)
Madi Skinner (OPP, Univ. of Kentucky, Pioneer)
Anna Stevenson (MB, Univ. of Louisville, Pioneer)
Alli Stumler (OH, Univ. of Kentucky, Pioneer)

Head Coach Chris McGown (Gold Medal Squared)
Assistant Coach Tayyiba Haneef-Park (Athletes Unlimited)
Assistant Coach Rob Browning (Saint Mary’s Univ.)
Assistant Coach Michelle Chatman (USA Volleyball)
Tech Brian Hurler (Stanford Univ.)
Team Leader Meredith Lee (USAV NTDP)
Team Leader Todd Faulds (USAV NTDP)
Athletic Trainer Wyatt Blue

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Women's Collegiate National Team History

2019 World University Games: Ninth, 4-2
2019 Japan Tour: 1-5-1
2018 European Global Challenge: First, 7-1-1
2018 China Tour: 3-1
2017 European Global Challenge: First, 6-0

U.S. WNT Open Program

Women's National Team Open Program

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