A Letter from our CEO

Your Path to the Podium

Dear Volleyball Friends,

On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to welcome you to USA Volleyball!

USA Volleyball is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of volleyball in the United States and is recognized as such by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) and the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC). Our mission is to lead, serve and grow all areas of the sport of volleyball – including beach, indoor, sitting, snow and beach ParaVolley – providing a lifetime of opportunities for all to participate in a safe, fun and positive environment.

USA Volleyball is unique as we are the only organization in the U.S. which provides volleyball programming for grassroots players up to the selection and training of America’s Olympians and Paralympians. We stand for competitive excellence, and our National Teams have medaled in every Olympics since 1984 while our women’s sitting team is the reigning Paralympic gold medalists. No other country can make such claim, and we are eager to keep our winning streak alive for years and decades to come.

We understand that not everyone will compete at the international level and have tailored our programs to serve every one of our members. We call it the PATH TO THE PODIUM, and USA Volleyball is here to help each person reach their personal goals. Whether looking to represent our nation, make a high school or collegiate squad, become a certified official or improve one’s coaching skills, USAV will provide you the skills, training and events to succeed.

Please tour our site to learn more about us, our regions and our 5,300+ member clubs.

Jamie Davis

President and CEO

Corporate Services

Jamie Davis

President and CEO

Chris Vadala

Chief of Membership Services

Peter Vint

Chief of Sport

Rachael Stafford

General Counsel

Carla Hall

Senior Manager, International Programs and Executive Operations

Mariann Greenwood

Coordinator, Corporate Operations

Stacie Kearns

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Young


Valencia Lanier

Manager, Payroll

Estefany Pineda-Suazo

Coordinator, Finance

Shawna Rich

Coordinator, Finance

Reyanna Bell

Coordinator, Finance

Bernie MacLean (she/her)

Chief of People and Culture

Andrea Potts

HR Generalist

Brent Buzbee

Director, Communications & Technology

Liani Reyna

Manager, Safe Sport

Natalie Wilkinson

Legal Assistant

Taylor Dendas

Education and Training Specialist, Safe Sport

Jonathan Carter

Computer Systems Analyst

Abraham Retana

Supervisor, Warehouse Operations

Bradley Lawson

Manager, Equipment Operations

International Transfer information: [email protected]

Marketing, Communications and Creative Services

Kassidi Gilgenast

Chief Marketing Officer

Laura Fawcett (she/her)

Senior Manager, Digital Media and Content

B.J. Hoeptner Evans

Manager, Communications

Barbara Grice (she/her)

Manager, Brand and Graphic Design

Miluzka McCarthy

Manager, Marketing

Stephen Munson

Manager, Digital Media and Engagement

Briana Jacox

Coordinator, Marketing

Jade Rakes (they/she)

Graphic Designer

Curtis Ward

Coordinator, Video and Audio Production

Sevrin Lavenstein

Coordinator, Digital Media and Content

Jas Adams

Coordinator, Marketing an Development

Tim Farrell

Assistant, Content

Digital Media: [email protected]

Member Services

Michelle Goodall

Region Liaison Chief

Janice Kosbab

Senior Manager, Member Services

Daniel Becker

Senior Manager, Member Services

Shelby Brown

Coordinator, Member Services

Chrissy Elder

Assistant, Member Services

Angie Lindberg

Assistant, Customer Support

Rylan Underwood

Assistant, Customer Support

Beth Sombric

Assistant, Customer Support

Member Services: [email protected]

Officials Development

Pati Rolf

Director, Officials Development

Matt Podschweit

Instructional Systems Designer

Stephanie Evans

Coordinator, Officials Development

Beach Events

Melissa Weymouth

Director, Beach and National Team Events and Sponsorships

Cyrus Fa'alogo

Coordinator, Beach Events

Beach Events: [email protected]

Indoor Events

Kristy Cox

Director, Events

Kelsey Dolphin

Manager, Events

Clarence Hughes (he/him)

Manager, Events

Molly Crockett

Manager, Events

Miranda Rivera

Lead, Events

Josie Russell

Lead Coordinator, Events

Julianna Hastings

Lead, Indoor Events

Greta Rux

Lead, Indoor Events

Klarissa Gamboa

Assistant, Indoor Events

Indoor Events: [email protected]

Beach Events: [email protected]

National Team Events

Melissa Weymouth

Director, Beach and National Team Events and Sponsorships

International Events: [email protected]

National Team Development Program

Peter Vint

Chief of Sport

Kris Berzins

Senior Manager, NTDP

Carolina Garbato

Senior Manager, Beach NTDP

Lauren Walker

Manager, Athlete Development

Kevin Moore

Manager, Indoor NTDP

Cody Liner

Lead, Beach NTDP

Donovan Martinez

Boys Indoor Lead, NTDP

Courtney Smith

Girls Indoor Lead, NTDP

Alexandra Purvey

Coordinator, NTDP

Chelsea Tupuola

Coordinator, Beach NTDP

National Team Development Program: [email protected]

Education Services

Jenny Johnson


Kevin Ankrom

Curriculum Designer

Beach National Teams/California Operations

Sean Scott

Director, National Beach Programs

Amber Scott

Office Manager, California Operations

Myles Cooper

Head Athletic Performance Coach

Brian Hurler

Performance Analyst

Scott Davenport

Development Coach

Scott Mackay

Head Athlete Trainer

Emma Stratmoen

Seasonal Athletic Trainer

Indoor National Teams

Men's Team

John Speraw

Head Coach

Matt Fuerbringer

Assistant Coach

Javier Weber

Assistant Coach

Nate Ngo

Technical Coordinator

Aaron Brock, MS, ATC, PES

Director, Sports Medicine and Performance, Indoor National Teams

Kristen Endow

Coordinator, California Operations

Women's Team

Karch Kiraly

Head Coach

Erin Virtue

Assistant Coach

Tama Miyashiro

Assistant Coach

Alfee Reft

Seasonal Assistant Coach

Henrianne Verhoek

Performance Analyst

Kara Kessans

Athletic Trainer

Alanna Newsom

Assistant, Seasonal Athletic Coach

Sitting National Teams

Women's Team

Bill Hamiter

Head Coach/ Sitting Program Director

Leo Filho

Assistant Coach

Elliot Blake


Kat King

Athletic Trainer

Jeffery Hicks

Performance Analyst

Alanna Newsom

Assistant, Seasonal Athletic Trainer

Julie Allen

Athlete Development Coach

Bobby Moore

Athlete Performance Coach/PT

Men's Team

Greg Walker

Head Coach

Joe Skinner

Assistant Coach

Whitney Padgett

Athletic Trainer

Julie Allen

Athlete Development Coach