“‘The Myths and Truths of Reading’ with Karch Kiraly was great because he explained how perceptual expertise and pattern awareness develops and are accessed via ‘visual encyclopedia’ over time.

The fact that reading is a learned skill, not something that is innate in any of us, really resonated with me and inspired me to adopt a better understanding of those around me.”


Maya Baker

NTDP Fall Training Series U16 athlete, NCVA, Vision VBC

Learn from the best in our innovative online educational series designed to accelerate your development

With the National Team Development Program Academy (NTDPA), USA Volleyball gives you the opportunity to learn from Olympic and Paralympic athletes, coaches and their support teams. Gain insight into what it takes to succeed at the highest level, and get advice and motivation to achieve your goals.

The NTDPA’s content library provides instruction from both USA Volleyball National Team coaches and athletes, and U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee sports performance staff. The well-rounded curriculum is based on the five pillars of USAV’s developmental philosophy: Craft – Body – Mind – Heart – Team.

Regardless of your role or level of participation in volleyball, the NTDP Academy provides essential lessons relevant to your healthy development. Course offerings are available for everyone via the USA Volleyball Academy after purchasing a subscription to NTDPA. Content is provided at no cost to athletes invited to NTDP Age-Group National Teams and the NTDP Training Series (indoor and beach).

An NTDP Academy subscription is $135 for USA Volleyball members and $150 for nonmembers, and it’s valid for the 2021-22 membership year. Team rates are also available for clubs, high schools, colleges and other groups.

Subscribe to the NTDP Academy as an individual


To receive assistance with the USAV Academy and your subscription, visit the USA Volleyball Academy Help Desk webpage. You can fill out support tickets and receive help from USAV staff.

Introducing the NTDP Academy

Learn from U.S. National Team coaches and players

Subscribe to the NTDP Academy as an individual

“By far, the most comprehensive online training I have ever viewed. All aspects of the sport were covered by the brightest and in a very understandable way.”

Parent Participant, NTDP Academy

The Five Pillars of the NTDP Academy


Mastering the skills and strategies of our game


Developing the physical capacity to train and compete at the highest level


Training our minds to maximize performance


Becoming your best self through connection, gratitude, and emotional well-being


Building a culture of excellence that honors ourselves, our team, our game, and our country

“I have watched many of the training academy videos. My favorite video so far has been ‘Indoor Setting with Erin Virtue Prep and Eye Work.’ The part about being stopped and facing the passer as a setter is something that I can set as a goal as I think this will put my team in the best position to score when in serve receive.”

April Rice

NTDP Fall Training Series U16 athlete, Ohio Valley Region, Tri-State Elite

NTDP Academy Course List


  • Fueling Fundamentals with Shawn Hueglin
  • Jump Training with Christian Hartford
  • Nutrition Timing and Recovery with Rachael Mack
  • Snack Chat – Breakfast Skillet with Kelsey Robinson
  • Why We Train – Why We Lift Weights with Jimmy Stitz
  • Match Day Nutrition + Making S.M.A.R.T. Choices Eating Out with Anna Salisbury


  • Beach Attacking with Jose Loiola
  • Beach Blocking with Tyler Hildbrand
  • Beach Passing with Mike Dodd
  • Beach Serving with Jordan Cheng
  • Beach Setting with Patty Dodd
  • Indoor Attacking with Matt Fuerbringer
  • Indoor Backrow Defense Toolkit with Tama Miyashiro
  • Indoor Blocking Eyework with Mike Wall
  • Indoor Blocking Systems and Movement with Luka Slabe
  • Indoor Offense with Erin Virtue
  • Indoor Reading with Karch Kiraly
  • Indoor Serve Receive Eyework + Keys with Tama Miyashiro
  • Indoor Serve Receive Systems with Tama Miyashiro
  • Indoor Serving with Tama Miyashiro
  • Indoor Setting with Erin Virtue
  • Out of System Setting with Nate Ngo
  • Volley Stats Primer with Jeff Liu


  • Athlete Identity and Managing Uncertainty with Dr. Bob Corb
  • Teammateship + Friendships – Athlete Spotlight with Cassidy Lichtman, David Smith, Erik Shoji, Haleigh Washington, Nicky Nieves and Tayyiba Haneef-Park


  • Failure Recovery with Sue Enquist
  • Flexible Mindset with Karch Kiraly
  • Self-Confidence with Courtney Thompson
  • Resetting After a Play–Athlete Spotlight with Emily Day, Erik Shoji and Justine Wong Orantes


  • Learning Concepts with Karch Kiraly
  • What It Means to Rep USA – Athlete Spotlight with Rachael Adams, Christa Dietzen, Tayyiba Haneef-Park, Katie Holloway, Nicky Nieves, April Ross, Sydney Satchell, Erik Shojji, David Smith, Danielle Scott-Arruda and Haleigh Washington
  • Advice to Younger Athletes–Athlete Spotlight with Rachael Adams, Jake Gibb, Jordan Larson, Ben Patch, April Ross, Sydney Satchell, Danielle Scott-Arruda and Erik Shoji