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USAV Region


Most Notable

  • Volleyball icon U.S. Women's Sitting National Team debut in 2024


  • flag icon 2024 Dutch Tournament

Personal Highlights

  • Volleyball icon Began playing indoor volleyball in 2019 and was part of the Sitting National Team Development Program
  • Volleyball icon Was 24 when she participated in the 2019 Endeavor Games, which were in her hometown of Edmond. She discovered sitting volleyball there and that's when she began getting involved with the sitting national team.
  • Volleyball icon Has a congenital limb deficiency in her right hand, and has only a partial thumb and pinky finger. Her hand couldn’t be seen on any ultrasound, so it was a surprise when she was born. Affectionately refers to her right hand as her “baby hand."
  • Volleyball icon Calls finding adaptive sports one of the happiest moments of her life, saying "Sitting volleyball has given me so many cool experiences and friendships."
  • Volleyball icon Grew up running cross country and track, and has run seven half marathons and one full marathon
  • Volleyball icon Two-time state champion in soccer and participated in state as a cross country athlete
  • Volleyball icon Parents are Boyd and Kristy West; has one sister, Megan. Admires her parents because they have always supported her no matter how big and crazy her dreams were.
  • Volleyball icon Favorites include pasta, Mia Hamm, Taylor Swift and the Harry Potter books