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High School




USAV Region


Most Notable

  • Volleyball icon Started playing sitting volleyball in 2018 after having played standing volleyball for seven years
  • Volleyball icon Made the A2 training team first


  • Medal 2022 Dutch Tournament - Gold
  • Medal 2022 ParaVolley World Championships - Bronze
  • flag icon 2020 Exhibitions vs. Russian and Brazil at Colorado Crossroads

Personal Highlights

  • Volleyball icon Born without her right arm below the elbow
  • Volleyball icon Got her first prosthetic at the age of 3 months when her mom and grandma used a baby doll arm
  • How did you get involved in sitting volleyball?"I was introduced while at an 18-and-under standing volleyball tournament in Orlando. I was confronted by Steve Bishop, a member of the USA Volleyball Sitting Volleyball Commission, and I thought I was going to be told I couldn't play with my prosthetic because I have been told that in the past. Instead, he told me his position and invited me to try out for the U.S. Women's Sitting National Team in Orlando later that month. I went and met the entire team as well as the coaches. I made the A2 (second team), and after a 10-day period at our training center in Edmond, Oklahoma, I got the opportunity to play against Ukraine in an exhibition and got pulled up to the national ream."