Beach National Team IC Coach

Dan Waineraich is currently the coach for Miles Evans and Chase Budinger.

He was an assistant coach for Pepperdine in 2022 as the volunteer assistant coach for Pepperdine beach volleyball.

Waineraich has also coached more than 10 AVP events with players like Kelly Claes, Brandie Wilkerson, Sarah Sponcil, Maria Clara Salgado and more. Additionally, he worked with Jose Loiola to coach athletes such as Sara Hughes, Tri Bourne and Trevor Crabb.

Wainerach got his start as a player with Jorje Baros and assisted Baros and Pompilio Mercadante on the preparation of Monica Rodrigues and Adriana Samuel to the Atlanta Olympic Games where they earned a silver medal.

In the United States, Waineraich got his start with Claes and Sponcil as an assistant of Leandro Pinheiro.

Waineraich is originally from Rio De Janeiro and graduated from college in 2003.