There are three ways to qualify for the National Beach Tour Junior Championship: via a Beach National Qualifier, a Beach Regional Qualifier or register for the Patriot Division.

The USA Volleyball Beach National Championship gives young beach athletes the chance to test themselves against the best in the nation and compete for a national title. There are three divisions for girls in the championship – Open, American and Patriot – and boys may compete for Open or Patriot Division titles. There are three ways to qualify for a spot in the championship, and the way an athlete qualifies for the tournament determines the division in which they’ll compete.

USA Volleyball uses the USA National Beach Ranking System to determine tournament seeding.



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National Qualifiers

All athletes can qualify for the Open Division via national qualifiers. These are national-level tournaments where athletes from across the country and even international athletes compete. If a team finishes among the top four at a national qualifier, they have a berth in the Open Division.

Note: bids won via a national qualifier do not trickle down to spots outside the top four.

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Regional Qualifiers

Athletes can also qualify for a berth in the USA Volleyball Beach National Championship through a regional qualifier, which is designed to create competition within the host region. Girls who qualify through one of these regional qualifiers earn a berth to the championship’s American Division. They must finish first, second or third for such a bid.

Boys who finish among the top three at a regional qualifier qualify for the Open Division at the national championship as the American Division is not offered for boys at this time.

Note: berths from a regional qualifier may trickle down when a team – both players of a qualifying team, not just one – decline the bid or already has a bid. Only those who finish fourth or fifth may have a berth trickle down to them; berths are not awarded to sixth place or lower even if a bid from that tournament is unclaimed.

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Patriot Division Registration

National championship hopefuls may enter the tournament through the Patriot Division. Any team who has not earned a bid but would still like to compete at the USA Volleyball Beach National Championship may register for the Patriot Division. First-come, first-serve registration is open to eligible, current USA Volleyball members.