April 6-8 and April 12-14, 2024

Salt Lake City, Utah

Girls National Qualifiers

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2024 Salt Lake City Showdown

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Event Information


Refs GivingDuring both weekends of the Salt Lake City Showdown, USA Volleyball is working with RefsGiving to support the city’s local population.

Khiah Lynch, the founder of Refs Giving, is a USA Volleyball official who will be working at the Salt Lake City Showdown. RefsGiving, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that partners with tournament organizers in event cities with a mission to eliminate waste at sporting events by gathering gently used clothing, canned goods and toiletries. RefsGiving transports those items to local shelters and individuals. Crates will be set up at Showdown near championship desk for your donations.

“We are proud to collaborate with USA Volleyball to deliver goods to the unhoused and food insecure in Salt Lake City,” Lynch said. “We could use any donations you can give throughout both weekends.”

All our welcome to donate.

“My mother used to say, ‘when you go someplace, try to leave it better than it was when you got there,’” Lynch said. “I believe we can leave SLC and each tournament city we ‘borrow’ for a few days just a little better than it was before we got there by giving to those who need us the most. Together we can make a big difference to help others by donating this weekend. Thank you.”

How can you help?
Donate! Care! Follow us and give like a ref!
Website: refsgiving.org
Instagram – @reflynch
Facebook – RefsGiving,Inc


Four courts will be streamed here live.

Court 46:

Court 47:

Court 48:

Court 49: