May 28-May 31, 2021

Louisville, Ky.

National Championships


Open Nationals

Event Information

2021 Schedule

DivisionEntry FeeCheck-in Date*Play Dates**
AA (M/W)$900Thursday, May 27May 28-30
A (M/W)$900Friday, May 28May 29-31
BB (M/W)$900Thursday, May 27May 28-30
B (M/W)$900Friday, May 28May 29-31
Coed 4S A$250Friday, May 28May 29-30
Coed 4S BB$250Friday, May 28May 29-30
Women 40+ and 45+
$900Thursday, May 27May 28-30
Women 50+ and 55+
$900Thursday, May 27May 28-30
Men 50+$900Friday, May 28May 29-31
Men 55+$900Thursday, May 27May 28-30
Men 60+$900Friday, May 28May 29-31
Men 65+$800Thursday, May 27May 28-30
Men 70+$800Friday, May 28May 29-31

*Please note that all teams must be checked in by 9 p.m. on their designated registration day. Failure to check in WILL results in forfeiture of your first match or set.

** All teams will play at least one match on the last day of your play schedule