With an eye toward ensuring that eligible and selected athletes are the finest the game has produced, players bestowed this USA Volleyball recognition should be selected based on their records of competitive achievement at the highest international and/or domestic levels, with ancillary consideration given to sportsmanship and character. Players should also be considered for any exceptional contributions that have furthered the growth, reputation and character of the sport. This USA Volleyball recognition will be awarded to an eligible male and female player.


    Tim Simmons


     Nominations for this recognition may be submitted by the eligible player or by an individual on behalf of the eligible player. Eligibility is contingent upon the satisfaction of all of the following criteria: The nominee competed no fewer than a minimum of five years in top-level international and/or domestic competition. Top-level refers only to FIVB tour, Olympic Games, World Championships, WPVA, and the recognized top domestic professional tour, at the time of competition, in the United States. The nominee has been retired (defined as not having regularly competed in any of the tours/events listed in criteria A) from professional/national team competition for no fewer than a minimum of five years. The nominee has demonstrated dominance relative to his/her era of play. Consideration will be given to the accomplishments of the player and his/her team in top-level international and/or domestic competition (reference Criteria A). This can include such accomplishments as a consistent top finisher in top-level competition, tournament championships, medals awarded, Olympics qualified for, and personal honors earned.

2015: Karch Kiraly
2018: Randy Stoklos
2019: Ron Von Hagen
2020: Kent Steffes
2022: Sinjin Smith
2023: Todd Rogers