The award recognizes the most outstanding new junior national referee from the current class of candidates at a junior volleyball championship event.


     Michelle Prater


     The recipient shall have: Officiated as a candidate for junior national referee at USA Volleyball Championship Event; Officiated as first or second referee for a minimum of six matches; Demonstrated consistent quality and ability as a junior national referee candidate throughout each match to which he/she was assigned; Demonstrated leadership quality in his/her capacity as a first and second referee under varying conditions of competition; Demonstrated personal characteristics consistent with the highest ideals and purposes of the Referee Code of Ethics approved by the USAV Officials Assembly/Indoor Referee Sub-Commission.

2012: Piimauna Aiu
2014: Margaret Gustafson
2015: Tyler Kiel
2016: Aisha Boyd
2017: Ashley Howerter
2018: Douglas Dunkle
2019: Michael Alexander
2023: Jared Malott