Named in honor of Edward P. Lauten, the recognized originator of the modern volleyball scorekeeping system in the United States.


     This award recognizes active USA National scorers for outstanding contributions to the USA Volleyball scorer’s development and certification program.


     Nancy Funk


     Shall be currently, and have been certified as a USA National scorer for a minimum of five (5) years; Shall have been a major contributor to the scoring program in his/her Regional Volleyball Association for a period of not fewer than three (3) consecutive years; Shall have been an active worker in the scoring program at the national level; Shall have actively worked as a scorer at a minimum of five United States Championships over a period of at least five (5) years; Shall have the endorsement of leadership at the regional, zonal and national levels. Former recipients are not eligible for consideration; This award may or may not be presented annually, and shall not be limited in quantity if the committee feels there is more than one viable candidate.

1982: Elizabeth A. Braton, Otto P. Gigone, Shirley Koorhan, Laura “Shorty” Lindsay, Karen Daukantas-Jones, Harold P. Petersen, Joseph B. Sharpless, Lea Saari Wagner
1984: Nancy S. Sharpless
1985: Jane Morgan
1986: Ann Davenport
1987: Loretta Monaco, Linda Vetter
1988: Robert McGregor
1990: Sandy Hansen, Pamela Smith
1991: Patricia Reese
1992: Fran Zelinkof
1993: Cheryl Berg
1994: Karen Daukantas-Jones
1995: Janet Blue
1996: Debbie Reed
1997: Sue Mailhot
1998: Robert Stanek
1999: Sara C. “Cathy” Hoy
2000: Scott Atkinson
2001: Dee Yoe
2002: JoAnn Peters
2003: Steve Crane
2004: Dennis Lafata
2007: Jeff Hoppen
2009: Emi Vishoot
2012: Dixie Collins
2015: Donna Wigton
2016: Terry Lawton, Jenny Vogt, Tom Sullivan
2017: Nancy Funk
2018: Lynne Updegraff
2019: Kim Williams
2023: Becky J Brockney