Named in honor of Dr. Harold T. Friermood, the second president of USA Volleyball, 1952-1955, and primarily responsible for the sport of volleyball to be included in the Olympic Games.


     To recognize long-time significant contributions to volleyball for a minimum of 30 years, and to encourage volunteer leadership service and effective relationships, national and perhaps international in scope.




     Recognized by the corporation as a “Leader in Volleyball” at least five (5) years prior to consideration for the Frier Award; Service in leadership capacities at the local, regional and national, and/or international levels for a minimum of thirty (30) years.; Extensive, significant and outstanding contributions made to volleyball on the national and/or international levels; Demonstration of great devotion to the game and willingness to give unselfishly of his/her talents toward the objective that volleyball continues to be recognized as a significant recreational activity for all individuals, as well as a major competitive sport; Attendance and participation at the Annual Meeting, the USA Volleyball Championship events and/or national-level championships or other national volleyball events of the nominee’s Affiliate Organization for a minimum of fifteen (15) years; Former recipients are not eligible to receive this award.

1965 Dr. Harold T. Friermood
1968 Harry E. Wilson
1969 Viggo O. Nelson
1971 Dr. W.P. Burroughs
1972 E. Douglas Boyden
1973 Dr. Marshall L. Walters
1975 Dorothy C. Boyce
1976 Edward A. Heisler
1977 Merton H. Kennedy
1978 Edward B. DeGroot, Jr.
1979 Leonard Gibson
1980 Wilbur H. Peck
1981 Bertha H. Lucas
1983 Dr. Murray Koorhan
1984 William Walter Baird
1985 C.L. “Bobb” Miller
1986 Glen G. Davies
1987 John B. Koch
1989 Robert L. Lindsay
1990 Roger G. Burton
1991 Ann Davenport
1992 Donald S. Shondell
1993 Lea S. Wagner
1994 Russell J. Sherman
1995 Harold W. “Buck” Buckner
1996 Dr. Karen M. Johnson
1997 Arthur “Bud” Fields
1998 Albert M. Monaco, Jr.
1999 Thomas E. Slaymaker
2000 Patricia Ann Murray McChesney
2001 Ken Erickson
2002 Joseph Sharpless, Dr. James E. Coleman (posthumously)
2003 Gary J. Colberg
2004 Peter J. Dunn
2005 Stewart L. McDole
2006 Rebecca B. Howard
2007 Douglas P. Beal, Ph.D.
2008 Chuck Stemm
2009 Hank Van Arsdale
2010 Susan True
2011 Fred Wendelboe
2012 Mike Hulett
2013 Kevin Twohig
2014 Tom Blue
2015 Kerry J.W. Klostermann
2016 Dr. Cecile Reynaud
2017 Margie Mara
2018 Joan Powell
2019 John Kessel
2020: Jon Lee
2022: Marv Dunphy
2023: Scott Fortune, Elroy Osorio