Named in honor of Harry E. Wilson, the fifth president of USA Volleyball, 1969-1971, and the principle representative of the USAV to the FIVB for many years.


     This award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to their National volleyball federation, as well as to the FIVB, and who have made an impact on the international level through organizations involved in major World Volleyball Championship events. Note: In 1990, the USA Volleyball Board of Directors approved an action to broaden the scope of the Community Service Award to include the international community and renamed it the Distinguished Service Award to include persons and organizations from throughout the world.


    Julie Voeck


     Demonstrated distinguished leadership on at least one of the following levels: Olympic Games; International Volleyball Federation (FIVB); International organizations serving mentally or physically disabled athletes; A Zonal Confederation or A National Federation. Provided service which is directly beneficial to and has international impact on the sport of volleyball; Nominees need not be registered with the corporation, any of its Member Organizations, nor does he/she need to be a citizen or member of any organization within the United States; Former recipients are not eligible for consideration.

1990: Dr. Harold T. Friermood (USA)
1991: Volleyball Hall of Fame (Holyoke, Mass.)
1992: Leonard C. Gibson (USA)
1993: Robert L. Lindsay (USA)
1994: William W. Baird (USA)
1995: Dr. Rubén Acosta Hernandez (Switzerland)
1996: Dr. James E. Coleman (USA), Dr. Endre Holvay (Hungary)
1997: Douglas P. Beal (USA)
2000: Rebecca B. Howard (USA)
2001: Glen G. Davies (USA)
2002: Wilbur H. Peck (USA)
2004: John L. Kessel (USA)
2008: Tom Blue (USA)
2009: Kerry Klostermann (USA)
2010: Robert (Bob) Ctvrtlik (USA)
2014: Joseph Sharpless (USA)
2016: Peter Diamond (USA)
2019: Jon Reeser (USA)