To recognize outstanding and distinguished service to a local Junior Volleyball development program by (a) parent(s) of a Junior Volleyball player currently registered with USA Volleyball.


     A parent of a junior volleyball player currently registered with USA Volleyball; Has given unselfishly of his/her time and efforts to a local RVA Junior Volleyball development program for a minimum of two (2) years; Served in one or more of the following capacities, or in a recognized capacity not necessarily listed herein: program guide development, club promotion, public relations and publicity, solicitation of community support, community projects, leadership development, officiating involvement and development; Provides opportunities for players to earn money to help defray the cost of their participation and/or assist in the organization arrangement of club projects, fund raisers, etc.; Demonstrates leadership qualities to encourage players and (other) parents to develop playing, leadership, administrative and officiating qualities.

1994: Karen Fluke
1995: Susan Ryce
1996: Al Tarara
1997: Patti Ortiz
1998: Sally Plummer
1999: Chuck and Mary Bova
2000: Kent and Donna Haggard
2001: Carmen Hartley
2002: Beckie Harris
2003: Ellen H. Bomhach
2004: Mike Culbert
2005: Karen Schmidt
2006: Rhonda and Brian Arndorfer
2007: Karri Thorikildsen
2008: Chris Nobilio
2009: Lynn Farrell
2010: Matt Heimrich
2011: Courtney & Keith Lindner
2012: Diane Amdor
2013: Danis Fueling
2014: Angela Deaton
2015: Chad Hollenbaugh
2016: Tina Davis
2017: Rhonda Heide
2018: Kathy Gettinger
2019: Trish Fay
2020: Kathy Ets-Hokin