(award is currently suspended)

Named in honor of Dr. Karen M. Johnson, past vice president of the Member Relations/Human Resources Division, two-term corporate secretary, 30-year chair of the Structure and Function Committee and parliamentarian for the Board of Directors for more than 25 years.


     This award recognizes individuals for outstanding work in the area of affiliate organization relations and human resources within the structure of USA Volleyball.


     Lisa DiGiacinto


     Must be a non-staff member of USA Volleyball; Must have provided leadership at the Board or Assembly/Division level in the area of development of human resources in USA Volleyball; Must have demonstrated characteristics consistent with high ideals and purposes of USA Volleyball in areas related to human resources.

1994: Sandra L. Vivas, Susan True
1995: Wilbur Peck, Peter Dunn
1996: William Baird, Bonnie Northcutt
1997: Richard Jones
1998: Karen M. Johnson
1999: Joan E. Powell
2000: Marcia Alterman
2001: Sue Lemaire
2002: Kim Oden
2003: Charles and Joan Stemm
2004: Stephanie Schleuder
2005: Roger Neppl
2006: Rebecca B. Howard
2007: Joseph D. Campbell
2008: Joseph B. Sharpless
2009: Lisa DiGiacinto
2015: Linda Murphy
2016: Steve Bishop
2017: Phillip Bryant