Named in honor of Rebecca B. “Becky” Howard, 12th president of USA Volleyball, 1996-2000, the only woman to be elected to that position. She was one of the first two women to serve on the FIVB Board of Administration and the first woman to serve on the NORCECA Board of Administration. She was a leader in diversity during her tenure as president.


     This award honors individuals, organizations and groups that demonstrate a successful commitment to diversity in their volleyball programs and activities.


     Hazel Goldstein

2001: NIKE, Byron Shewman, Susan True, John Kessel, NIRSA, Iowa Regional Volleyball Association, USAV Member Relations and Human Resources Division
2002: Columbia Empire Regional Volleyball Association, Iowa Region Regional Volleyball Association, Pioneer Regional Volleyball Association, Puget Sound Regional Volleyball Association
2003: Ron Van Hagen, New York Starlings, Pioneer Regional Volleyball Association, USAV Disabled Sports Division, YMCA
2006: Allan Chinn, Eric Daly, Peter J. Dunn, Karen Gee, Paul Hughes, Kim Oden, Roger Neppl, Molten USA
2007: Sharon Clark (Butler University), Rebecca Howard, Erica Hutchinson (USOC), Kerry J.W. Klostermann, Tod Mattox (Starlings), Stewart McDole (Graceland University)
2008: American Volleyball Coaches Association Minority Coaches Committee, Nanabah Allison Brewer, Chesapeake Volleyball Association, Delta Volleyball Association, David Hallman, Karen M. Johnson, Frank Lavrisha, Jonathan “Jon” Lee, June Lobeck, Rudy Nava, Elaina Oden, Pacific-10 Conference, Cynthia Perkins, Pioneer Regional Volleyball Association, Angela Rock, Trish Sanchez-Romansky
2011: Penny Lucas-White
2012: Deitre Collins-Parker
2014: Lynn Ray Boren
2015: Joe Campbell
2016: Daniel Leake
2022: Michelle Brittain-Watts|
2023: Jason Butch