“Flo” Hyman All-Time Great Women’s Player Award
Named in honor of “Flo” Hyman, International International Volleyball Hall of Fame inductee and a member of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Women’s Volleyball Team, as well as a member of the silver medal-winning USA team in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Thomas Haine All-Time Great Men’s Player Award
Named in honor of Thomas “Tom” Haine, a International Volleyball Hall of Fame inductee, captain of the 1968 U.S. Olympic Men’s Volleyball Team and a perennial. All-American/All-Tournament selection at the USA Open Volleyball Championship Event.


     This award recognizes the greatest of volleyball players as demonstrated by performance through the years at the national and international levels.


     Linda Murphy


     A minimum of five years as a member of the USA National Team; A member of a minimum of five top-level international teams. Top-level refers to Olympic Games, FIVB World Championship or World Cup, and NORCECA. Any combination of the five events qualifies a player, e.g. two Olympic Games, two World Cup teams and one NORCECA team; The dominance of the player relative to his/her era of play, as demonstrated by being a frequent starter or key player off of the bench. The accomplishments of the player and his/her team in high-level competition, such as medals awarded, Olympics qualified for, and personal honors earned. Awards and statistics from records as a member of the National Team in the aforementioned competitions will be identified and utilized in this evaluation. Statistics will be weighted according to the strength of the opponent and the importance of the competition.

1954: James Wortham
1955: John Weible
1956: Samuel M. Ward
1961: A. “Dick” Massoput
1962: Holly Brock, Harold Wendt
1963: Spartico Anzuini, Sidney Nachlas
1964: Nathan Mariotti, Carl Owens
1965: Wilbur Caldwell
1966: Rolf Engen, James Ward
1967: Mike O’Hara, William Olsson
1968: James Montague
1969: Jane Ward
1970: Carolyn Gregory-Conrad, Lois Haraughty, Joan Neff-McFarland, Pedro Velasco
1971: Jean Gaertner, Linda Murphy, Nancy Owen-Fortner, Sara McWilliams
1976: Barbara Perry, Manny Saenz, Rudy Suwara
1980: Robert H. Klinger
1982: Ron Lang, Mary Jo Peppler, Gene Selznick
1983: Mike Bright, Patti Bright, Terry Condon, Larry Rundle
1984: Gerald Gregory, Kathy Gregory
1985: Flo Hyman, Jerri McGahan, Jon Stanley
1986: Chris Marlowe, Paul Sunderland, Marc Waldie, Debbie Green Vargas
1987: Marvin Wigley
1989: Patty Dowdell
1990: H.S. “Smitty” Duke, Tom Haine
1991: Laurel Brassey-Iversen
1993: Rita Crockett, Sue Woodstra
1995: Deborah Brown, Karch Kiraly
1996: Craig Buck, Steve Timmons
1998: Paula Weishoff, Laurie Corbelli
1999: Sharon R. Peterson, Pauline “Peely” Willson, Dusty Dvorak
2002: Walter Schiller
2005: Caren Marie Kemner, Lori Ann (Endicott) Vandersnick, Robert Jan Ctvrtlik, Patrick Robert Powers
2007: Aldis Berzins, Rose Magers-Powell
2008: Bernie Holtzman, Kirk Kilgore, Ninja Jorgensen
2009: Arthur Alper, Fanny Hopeau, Al Kuhn, Mary Perry, Ernie Suwara
2010: Kirk Kilgour, Danny Patterson, Rod Wilde
2011: John Alstrom, Jack Henn
2012: Dick Hammer, Miles Pabst
2013: Doug Partie, Jeff Stork
2014: Miki McFadden, Alnet “Scotty” Bailess
2015: Tara Cross-Battle, Duncan McFarland
2016: Lloy Ball, Eric Sato
2017: Elaina Oden, Kim Oden
2018: John Brame, Polly Lowery Simmons
2019: Bryan Ivie, Beth McLachlin, Bjorn “Joe” Johansen, J Raskin, Bernard Specht, Bill Stratton
2020: Diana Hoffman, Tim Hovland, Chuck Nelson, Danielle Scott
2022: Scott Fortune, Stacy Sykora, Tammy (Liley) Leibl
2023: Ryan Millar, Clay Stanley, Liane Sato, Logan Tom