Named in honor of Wilbur H. Peck, the sixth president of USA Volleyball, 1971-1979, and a former national chairman of referees. “Wil” Peck, at the time of his election to the Board of Directors, was the youngest person to be so elected. He continued in that position for 39 years and is an inductee into the International Volleyball Hall of Fame.


    This award honors and recognizes individuals who have retired from refereeing on the national level and who have made significant contributions to the USA Volleyball referee’s program locally, regionally and nationally.


     Tom Blue


      • Have contributed unselfish and distinguished leadership to local-, regional- and national-level development programs; Have officiated at USA Volleyball Championship Events for a minimum of ten (10) years; Have demonstrated characteristics that are consistent with the high ideals and purposes of the USA Volleyball Official Code of Ethics as approved by the USA Volleyball Officials Development Department

    ; Have retired from active refereeing at the USA Open event, specifically the Adult National Championship Tournaments, traditionally conducted in conjunction with the Annual Meetings of USA Volleyball. Individual must be retired as a USA National Referee a minimum of three (3) years to be eligible as a candidate for this recognition. The Committee may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis for health reasons.

1953: Ernest Knabe
1954: A. Provost Idell
1965: Viggo O. Nelson
1967: E. Douglas Boyden
1968: Harry E. Wilson
1971: Merton H. Kennedy, Marshall L. Walters
1972: Irwin Carroll, Edward Heisler
1973: Walter Brown, Larry Grayson, Dan McCue
1974: Leonard Gibson, Dr. Murray Koorhan, Wilbur Peck
1975: Harold W. Peterson, Walter E. Thomas
1976: William F. Seebohn
1977: Michael A. Mazz, Calvin C. McGregor
1978: William W. Baird, John Koch, Harold Petersen
1979: George J. Creswell, Peter Sherman Meltzer, Herbert H. Wilcox
1980: Harry W. Kealoha, Harold H. Prugh
1981: Alton W. Fish, Robert L. Lindsay, Bernard J. Specht
1982: J. Edmund Welch
1983: Roger Burton, Albert M. Monaco, Jr., William Odeneal
1984: Glen G. Davies, C.L. Bobb Miller
1985: George B. Chain, John J. O’Donnell
1986: Logan Mundt
1987: Tom Cotter, Catalino Ignacio, Evie Stoten
1988: Ken Erickson, Jerry Sherman
1989: Dorothy Porter
1991: Don Krueger, Thomas Slaymaker
1993: Bob Morgan
1994: Doug Denure, Bruce Wilde
1996: Heinz Schaal, Winthrop “Wink” Davenport
1999: Pete Dunn
2000: Jack Newns, Joseph B. Sharpless
2001: Thomas Harrigan, Al Rogers
2002: Melinda Voorhies
2003: Darryl Bender
2004: Lea Wagner
2005: Sue Lemaire
2006: Tom Blue
2007: Fred N. Wendelboe
2008: Richard E. Smith, Benjamin T. Jordan III
2009: Nancy Sommer, Roland Stone, Mario Treibit
2010: James A. Stewart
2012: Gary Colberg
2013: Neill Luebke, Bill Stevens
2014: Wally Hendricks
2015: Marcia Alterman
2016: Mike Carter
2018: Doug Wilson
2019: Joel Reinford
2020: Michael Blalock
2022: Joan Powell
2023: Verna Klubnikin, Dan Apol