Named in honor of William G. Morgan, the recognized “inventor” of the sport of volleyball, originally known as “mintonette,” in 1895.


     This award recognizes individuals who have served as president of the USA Volleyball (1928-2006) and USAV (2006-2008), and as chair of the Board of Directors from 2008.


     Recognitions Commission


     Service as chair of the Board of Directors for a full term of office (i.e., four [4] years).

1974: Dr. Harold T. Friermood
1979: Wilbur H. Peck
1981: Dr. Donald S. Shondell
1985: Robert L. Lindsay
1986: E. Douglas Boyden*, George J. Fisher*, Viggo O. Nelson*, Harry E. Wilson*
1989: Dr. Robert L. Bender
1992: William W. Baird
1996: Russell J. Sherman
2000: Rebecca B. Howard
2008: Albert M. Monaco, Jr.
2012: David Schreff
2014: Adam Rymer
2019: Lori Okimura
2022: Cecile Reynaud