Keeping the Ball Flying

Hope you enjoy our ranking of the longest recorded rallies, and we look forward to discovering more from the United States and across the world.

USA Volleyball Longest Rallies Ranking

Rally TimeTeamsYearAge GroupNet CrossingsTotal ContactsLink
1 min, 3 secMcQuaid Jesuit and Fairport2017JV1950Click Here
50 sec Arizona Storm 14T vs. Aspire  20161542 Click Here
 55 sec Arizona State vs. Utah2014Collegiate 17  47Click Here
1 min 5 sec Mariner Varsity Classic2014 High School2251 Click Here 
 1 min 34 sec TESL 15 Red vs. NC Academy2013152469Click Here
 1 min 33 secVictory Elite Black vs. Xtreme 17 Keapa2013173082Click Here
 58 secAces 12u Bulldogs vs. Bayou Boys2013121440 Click Here
 55 secClub West vs. Alliance2013131640Click Here
 45 secSMBC vs. ASC2013Juniors1335Click Here
 1 min 16 secTWU Spartan vs. Winnipeg Wesmen2012Collegiate2258Click Here
 1 min 36 secLOCO VB, VA vs. Apex VB, NY 2012162470Click Here
 54 secPenfield, NY vs. Baldwinsville, NY2011High School1747Click Here
 58 sec Illinois vs. USC2011Collegiate2771Click Here
 1 min Ohio University vs. Central Michigan2011Collegiate2447Click Here
 1 min 30 secRedondo vs. MiraCosta2009JV1862Click Here
 35 secGirls Teams2009High School2261Click Here
 45 sec Sunset vs. Westview 2007High School1129Click Here
 56 secTri-Valley vs. LeRoy2006High School154Click Here
 1 min 38 secEast High vs. South Anchorage High, AK2006High School2970Click Here

International Indoor Longest Rally Ranking

Rally TimeTeamsYearAge GroupNet CrossingsTotal ContactsLink
41 sec Fenerbahçe vs. Eczacıbaşı   2017Adult 1336 Click Here 
 1 min 12 secBrazil vs. China2014Adult1653Click Here
1 min Japan vs. Italy2014Adult2254Click Here
1 minPAD vs. SGS2014Adult1539Click Here
 40 secBER vs. KAZ2014Adult 1036Click Here
2 min 4 secChina Pro2012Adult3078 Click Here
 1 min 10 secAteno vs. FEU2012Adult2055Click Here
 1 min 11 sec Brazil vs. Cuba2011Adult1438Click Here
1 min 8 sec Brazil: Sao Bernardo vs. Volei Futuro2011Adult1749Click Here
1 min 3 secUSA2011Adult1329Click Here
1 min 2 secThailand vs. Poland2011Adult2355Click Here
 56 secPadova vs. San Giustino2011Adult1638Click Here
 50 secBrazil vs. Poland2011Adult1743Click Here
42 secUSA vs. Italy2008Adult 1130Click Here
1 min 6 sec UBC vs. Alberta2006Collegiate20 48Click Here

Beach Longest Rally Ranking

Rally TimeTeamsYearAge GroupNet CrossingsTotal ContactsLink
 1 min 7 secUSA v Canada   2016 21 2053 Click Here 
 43 secBrazil Women2015Adult1334Click Here
 1 min 1 secBrazil vs. Germany 2014Adult  1537 Click Here 
 36 secBrazil vs. Germany201118922Click Here
 26 secUSA vs. ESP 2010Adult515Click Here
 32 secBrazil vs. Germany2009Adult821Click Here
1 min 4 sec Switzerland Men 2008Adult1848 Click Here 

Paralympic/Sitting Volleyball Longest Rally Ranking

Rally TimeTeamsYearAge GroupNet CrossingsTotal ContactsLink
 35 secCanada vs. USA  2015  Adult 12 29 Click Here 
 1 min 36 secGermany vs. Nederland2012Adult1824 Video Not Available