1. Ball hits your drink on the sideline
Seriously, it's bound to happen. Yet people keep bringing cups! (If you liked it, then you should've put a lid on it).

2. You forget to pack socks
That or the dryer ate them all.

3. You bring the wrong color uniform
Or that ONE teammate who seems to do it every trip.

4. Hair tie breaks and you don't have a backup
Always annoying.

5. Hotel room is on the 10th floor and there is a super long wait for the elevator
Noooooo, STAIRS!

6. Packed your uniform in your checked bag and your bags get lost
Lesson learned, always pack your uniform/knee pads/shoes in your carry-on.

7. Get hit in the face and your crush was watching
Nothing to see here.

8. You wear your sweet new shoes you just bought, now you have blisters
Break them in first!

9. Somehow, you only packed one kneepad
The. Worst. 'Um, hi. Can I borrow A kneepad?'

10. Water bottle lid isn't on completely and it spills all over you
Happens at least once a day

11. Spend all your money on event merchandise; now you can't pay for lunch

12. The gym doesn't have wifi
And you're on the border of going over your data for the month. How are you going to post all those selfies?!

13. When you have to walk from the hotel to the convention center in the rain/snow/extreme heat

14. Trying to take the team 'jumping photo' and there's always someone still on the ground
So much jumping.