Sarah Sponcil digs on the beach.

Learning is supposed to be fun, and part of the fun is improving. Nothing helps improving more than doing. In the Fundamental Beach Skills module within the USA Volleyball Coach Academy, educational provider Beach Nation shares examples of cues, drills and best practices related to coaching fundamental beach skills. The goal is to create a game plan to teach coaches and athletes the proper skill development of passing through best techniques, as demonstrated by members of Team USA.

Fundamental skills covered in this module include:

  • Passing
  • Setting – Hand Setting and Bump Setting
  • Serving
  • Hitting

Below are small takeaways from the module related to the fundamental skills above.

When possible, always try to get both feet to the ball and avoid leaning forward on one foot.

Setting is the second contact after the pass. Athletes can be trained to do this either with their hands or with their platform. The job of the setter is to “set” the ball in a location so the hitter can attack effectively. To be a good setter, athletes need to get to the ball early, which means it is very important that the setter releases early to the middle of the court or POP (point of preparation).

The goal as a server is to make the passers move, serving where the passers are not, because moving and then passing is a lot harder than standing in one spot and having the ball served right to you. A good serve makes defense easier because a good serve is hard to pass, and a difficult pass can be hard to set.

After the pass is made the attacker needs to establish their POINT of PREPARATION (POP). This point will vary depending on the location of the pass. Like the name says, it’s a point to prepare, see, and read the set which helps the hitter to time the set, accelerate their approach, and be able to get their feet to the ball and then to attack the ball with control.

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