A three, six, eight or 12-week lesson plan can be put together by picking and choosing from the options presented below. The games, scoring and warm up/cool downs are all in the Minivolley Book. The format is simple for a session of any length you have. Additional less plans here.

Warm-up game
1vs1, 1vs1vs1, 2vs2, tag games, relays, etc. (5-minutes max)

Movement station options
One or more movement stations to rotate through when not playing volleyball (during both new skill and play periods)

New skill
From simpler to more complex. The order of introduction is spike, overhead pass, set, serve, forearm pass, dig, blocking. You may not even need to teach blocking, but kids like it. It is just that the spikes do not deserve a block and reading/digging is more valuable for the lower levels (50-percent of the time left after warm up/cool down).

Play a game
Games of 1vs1 to 4vs4 with circulation. Given all the scoring options and game variations, you can go for months with new variations as desired (50-percent of time left after warm up/cool down).

Cool down game
Mental or physical game (5-minutes max)