Throughout the 2016 Paralympic Games, we will be asking our players from past Paralympic sitting volleyball teams to give their unique insight on the Paralympic experience and their thoughts on the volleyball in Rio.

How do you bounce back from a tough loss at the Paralympics?

Bren (Maymon) Jensen
U.S. Paralympian (2004, 2008, 2012)
Paralympic silver medalist (2008, 2012); bronze medalist (2004)

My mindset as an athlete was always, ‘one game at a time.’ Once a game was over, you reflected on it for a little bit and then you move forward. It’s important to not dwell on it, though. Analyze what could have been done differently, build upon it, and use it in the next match. Onward and upward Team USA!

Lori Daniels
U.S. Paralympian (2004)
Paralympic bronze medalist (2004)

In my experience, different athletes do this in different ways. The way I did it: Spend some time alone, thinking about how I contributed to a great match, and the mistakes that I made as well. Then, lots of review as a team and a regrouping about next steps.

Then, eat a nice meal, watch some other teams, and look FORWARD.