With Brooke Sweat and Lauren Fendrick at the #AVPHBChamps/p>

Don’t forget essentials when you come to the beach…

Lauren: If it’s at the beach, bring your swimsuit. Also sunglasses and a hat.
Brooke: Bring a chair and umbrella.
Lauren: Yes, a chair. Great matches happen at the outside courts, everyone thinks it’s just about the center court.

Clothing matters…

Brooke: Wear something on your feet, the sand might get hot. Sandals are nice, also sunglasses. For guys, board short and bring a shirt. California could be cool in the morning.
Lauren: We’re opposite on this. I say layers, because you can use it for the cold or sun protection in case you don’t snag the prime shaded seat. Though some fans love the sun.

Athletes like when you…

Lauren: Are engaged and cheer for good plays. If something cool happens, it feels good to hear fan support. Don’t ask for a signature during warmup. We are happy to sign at appropriate times.

How fans should ask for autographs…

Lauren: Don’t be afraid.
Brooke: Just ask at the right time.
Lauren: If we are preparing for a match, wait until after the match is over.

Athletes don’t like when fans…

Brooke: I get really weird photos of me that people hand me to sign. I don’t like that. Like a photo from me behind or some without my head in it. I just want to rip it up or not hand it back. I don’t like that [laughing].

The take on Chapstick…

Brooke: That’s the first thing I put on. If I don’t, my lips get fried and blistered.
Lauren: You are really big on Chapstick.

Important thing to never forget, sunscreen…

Lauren: Put it on and reapply. You don’t want to look like a gator with alligator skin.
Brooke: I like alligator skin [sarcasm].

Basic tip, hydrate…

Brooke: Hydrating is important, drink lots of water.
Lauren: Even when it’s not hot out.

Cheering etiquette…

Lauren: Don’t be afraid to cheer
Brooke: Be loud for good plays, for either team. We are a rowdy environment, you can say what’s on your mind. We encourage it.
Lauren: Heckling is allowed.

Share the love…

Lauren: If you take a photo with me, tag me on Instagram and Twitter. I like seeing those. I like feeling the love.

BONUS – Brooke and Lauren’s favorite location to play

Brooke: Gstaad and Klagenfurt. Gstaad is in the mountain and the cutest little town. The weather is hit or miss, but it’s nice there. It’s right on a lake and you can hop on a paddleboard, or a boat. There’s also a slide going into the lake.
Lauren: Klagenfurt. There is stand-up paddle boarding on the lake and you can jump in after you play. The food is really good, they serve filet mignon for lunch! And molten lava cake, which is good and bad, you think, ‘I’m going to gain 10 pounds and not play well.’ Domestically I like to play in Santa Barbara, I love the city. Great fans, Hermosa too. Any of the California stops.