COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (updated Feb. 26, 2019) – The U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryout takes place March 1-3 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with 216 athletes vying for spots into the elite high performance pipeline.

The tryout will evaluate athletes from 87 colleges from across the country for spots on the U.S. Women’s National Team and the U.S. Collegiate National Team program. The breakdown for the tryout includes 56 outside hitters, 47 liberos, 42 setters, 41 middles and 30 opposites.

A vast majority of the current U.S. Women’s National Team athletes have participated in past open tryouts. As an example, Pepperdine alum Kim Hill (Portland, Oregon) has been a big success story. She took part in the 2013 open tryout and was asked to train with the team in May 2013. Hill started much of the 2013 FIVB World Grand Prix and by 2014 earned the most valuable player award at the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship in which Team USA won for the first time. Hill would go on to help Team USA win bronze at the 2016 Olympic Games.

The 2010 Women’s National Team Tryout had three future Olympians that won bronze at the 2016 Olympics. Rachael Adams (Cincinnati, Ohio), Kelly Murphy (Wilmington, Illinois) and Carli Lloyd (Bonsall, California) all were picked to compete in the U.S. Women’s National A2 Program (now referred to as U.S. Collegiate National Team). All three used their High Performance pipeline training to earn spots on the National Team and eventually the Olympic Games roster.

U.S. Women’s National Team Head Coach Karch Kiraly will direct the entire tryout process. The list of athletes attending the tryout can be viewed at the bottom of this release.

The tryout will involve four sessions with three waves per session. Friday’s first session goes from 2-8 p.m. MT, while Saturday’s sessions are at 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. The final session on Sunday begins at 7:30 a.m. MT with tournament style play, along with 16-18 athletes selected by the U.S. Women’s National Team staff to participate in a “USA” training session. The Sunday session wraps up at 10:30 a.m. MT.

All sessions minus the USA training session on Sunday morning will be streamed live.. USA Volleyball will use #USAVtryout as the event hashtag for photos, notes, quotes and stories posted to its social media platforms Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram under the handle @usavolleyball.

Selected athletes for the U.S. Women’s National Team may begin their training in Anaheim, California, as early as the spring of 2019, or when an athlete’s scholastic or professional club season has concluded.

The U.S. Collegiate National Team program has three competition options:

  • U.S. Women’s Collegiate National Team – World University Games, Italy, June 30-July 14
  • U.S. Women’s Collegiate National Team – Japan, May 19-30
  • U.S. Women’s Collegiate National Team – Anaheim, Calif., June 23-29

Selections for the U.S. Collegiate National Teams will be made by the end of March.

For additional information on the team and to follow the tryout throughout the weekend, click here.

U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryout Participants
(Note: * = U.S. Women’s Junior National Team eligible)

Liberos (47)
Jersey # – Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining)
N1 – Akiu, Reyn (L, Hawaii, 0, Red)
N2 – Angello, Lacey (L, Kansas, 3, Red)
N46 – Baker, Berklie (L, TCU, 2, White)
N3 – Barnes, Lauren (L, Minnesota, 2, White)
N4 – Bradley, Adele (L, Duquesne, 2, Blue)
N5 – Cianciulli, Raigen (L, LSU, 2, Blue)
N6 – Clarke, Caitlin (L, Wake Forest, 1, White)
N7 – Curtis, Emily (L, Clemson, 1, White)
N8 – Daniels, Jordan (L, Air Force, 2, White)
N9 – Dennison, Danielle (L, TCU, 2, White)
N10 – Dirige, Alexis (L, Washington St., 1, Red)
N11 – Friesen, Celeste (L, Point Loma Nazarene, 1, White)
N12 – Glover, Kendall (L, Georgia, 2, Red)
N13 – Harty, Aysia (L, Oklahoma, 3, White)
N15 – * Hinkle, Loren (L, Kansas St., 4, Blue)
N16 – Honahni, Sophia (L, Haskell Indian Nations, 2, Blue)
N17 – Horsfall, Taylor (L, Tulsa, 1, White)
N18 – Howell, Madison (L, Clemson, 3, White)
N19 – Jacky, Taylor (L, William Jessup, 1, Blue)
N20 – Johnston, Halle (L, Iowa, 2, Red)
N48 – King, Alexandra (L, Air Force, 2, Blue)
N21 – Knop, Katherine (L, California, 2, Red)
N47 – * Kuper, Taylor (L, Illinois, 3, White)
N22 – Lake, Mary (L, BYU, 1, White)
N23 – Larson, Megan (L, North Dakota, 3, Blue)
N24 – Lawmaster, Lindsey (L, Long Beach St., 0, Red)
N25 – Lishman, Dallas (L, Pepperdine, 2, White)
N26 – Litzau, Lauren (L, Minnesota, 1, Red)
N27 – Love, Amanda (L, VCU, 0, Blue)
N28 – * McGraw, Caroline (L, Minnesota, 3, Red)
N29 – Miller, Kelsey (L, Virginia, 1, Red)
N30 – Motes, Kelly (L, Air Force, 2, Blue)
N31 – Nelson, Allie (L, Kansas, 1, White)
N32 – Perosa, Avery (L, Pittsburgh, 2, Blue)
N33 – * Petersen, Sydney (L, Texas, 3, White)
N34 – Raffety, Carol (L, Virginia Tech, 1, Red)
N35 – * Rivas, Allegra (L, Maryland, 3, Blue)
N36 – Rizzo, Allyssa (L, Montana St., 1, White)
N37 – Rosenthall, Isabella (L, Auburn, 3, Red)
N38 – Roumeliotis, Alexa (L, Creighton, 2, Red)
N39 – Salvador, Averi (L, Temple, 2, Red)
N40 – Seimet, Kallie (L, Bowling Green St., 0, Blue)
N41 – Slagle, Madison (L, Iowa, 3, Red)
N42 – Smith, Emma (L, California, 1, Blue)
N43 – Tankesley, Brienna (L, Middle Tennessee St., 1, Blue)
N44 – Thompson, Hannah (L, Bradley, 3, White)
N45 – Whipple, Rachel (L, Colorado, 1, Blue)

Middles (41)
Jersey # – Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining)
R1 – Anderson, Preslie (MB, California, 2, White)
R2 – Aspen, Aubrey (MB, Viterbo, 0, Blue)
R3 – Cook, Callie (MB, Tulsa, 2, Red)
R5 – Della, Caitlyn (MB, Wake Forest, 2, Red)
R6 – Eaton, Anna (MB, Green Bay, 2, Blue)
R7 – Eschenberg, Kennedy (MB, BYU, 2, Blue)
R8 – * Evans, Kennedi (MB, Utah, 3, Blue)
R9 – Forte, Lauren (MB, California, 3, Red)
R10 – Gates, Madeleine (MB, UCLA, 1, White)
R11 – * Gneiting, Heather (MB, BYU, 3, White)
R12 – Grace, Phoebe (MB, Utah, 3, Blue)
R13 – Griffin, Jha’Meisheia (MB, Georgia St., 2, Blue)
R14 – Gross, Jasmine (MB, Southern California, 1, White)
R15 – * Hammontree, Faith (MB, Kansas St., 4, Blue)
R17 – * Langs, Rachel (MB, Kansas, 3, White)
R18 – * Manyang, Afedo (MB, TCU, 4, Blue)
R19 – Mohler, Blake (MB, Purdue, 1, White)
R42 – Morgan, Taylor (MB, Minnesota, 1, Red)
R20 – Myers, Kaitlyn (MB, Maryland, 3, White)
R21 – Niece, Avalyn (MB, Washington, 1, Red)
R22 – Oestreich, Jacquelyn (MB, Ohio Dominican, 0, Blue)
R23 – Omazic, Tyanna (MB, Missouri, 2, Red)
R24 – O’Neal, Asjia (MB, Texas, 4, Red)
R25 – Pittman, Regan (MB, Minnesota, 2, White)
R43 – Richards, Alliyah (MB, Haskell Indian Nations, 1, Blue)
R26 – Roe, Piper (MB, Louisville, 2, Red)
R27 – Ryan, Emily (MB, UCLA, 3, Red)
R28 – Sanders, Lauren (MB, Washington, 2, Red)
R29 – Sneed, Jasmin (MB, VCU, 1, White)
R30 – Speech, Symone (MB, Georgetown, 1, White)
R31 – * Starks, Sabrina (MB, Pittsburgh, 3, Blue)
R32 – Stevenson, Anna (MB, Auburn, 2, Red)
R33 – Swanson, Sarah (MB, TCU, 2, Red)
R34 – Terry, Lauryn (MB, North Carolina St., 1, White)
R35 – * Turner, Lauren (MB, San Diego, 4, Blue)
R36 – * Van Driel, Gracie (MB, Kansas, 4, Red)
R37 – VanBeek, Sydnee (MB, Ball St., 1, Red)
R38 – White, Kelsie (MB, Montana St., 2, Red)
R39 – White, M’Kaela (MB, James Madison, 1, White)
R40 – Williams, Madeline (MB, Indiana St., 3, Blue)
R41 – Wylie, Tarah (MB, Pepperdine, 1, White)

Opposites (30)
Jersey # – Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining)
B63 – Ardila, Athena (OPP, Northeastern, 3, Blue)
B64 – Bannister, Taylor (OPP, LSU, 2, White)
B65 – Billiard, Sarah (OPP, Virginia, 2, Red)
B94 – Boyd, Peyton (OPP, Temple, 3, Blue)
B66 – * Cole, Danielle (OPP, Washington, 4, Red)
B68 – Evans, Melissa (OPP, North Carolina St., 3, Red)
B70 – Fitzmorris, Audriana (OPP, Stanford, 1, White)
B71 – Goodwin, Casey (OPP, Liberty, 1, White)
B72 – Graham, Corinne (OPP, Memphis, 0, Blue)
B73 – * Hickman, Rachel (OPP, Kansas, 4, Red)
B74 – Hill, Zoe (OPP, Kansas, 1, Blue)
B75 – Huizenga, Bailee (OPP, California, 1, White)
B76 – Kanas, Brooke (OPP, Texas Tech, 3, Blue)
B77 – Koerber, Kenzie (OPP, Utah, 2, White)
B78 – Langga, Vivi (OPP, San Jose St., 0, Blue)
B80 – Madison, Kennedy (OPP, Charleston, 0, Red)
B81 – Maxwell, Brittany (OPP, DePaul, 1, Blue)
B93 – Mutiri, Gloria (OPP, Kansas St., 3, White)
B82 – Rice, Megan (OPP, Loyola Marymount, 2, Red)
B83 – Samedy, Stephanie (OPP, Minnesota, 2, White)
B95 – Sanders, Sarah (OPP, Oklahoma, 2, Red)
B84 – Schriner, Emma (OPP, Maryland, 3, Blue)
B85 – Shields, Mikayla (OPP, South Carolina, 1, White)
B86 – Teran, Evelina (OPP, Montevallo, 2, Blue)
B87 – Thompson, Jordan (OPP, Cincinnati, 1, White)
B88 – Tolbert, Jaila (OPP, Virginia Tech, 0, Red)
B89 – Van Winden, Torrey (OPP, Cal Poly, 1, White)
B90 – Watson, Anne-Marie (OPP, UCF, 2, Blue)
B91 – White, Nikkie (OPP, Indiana St., 2, Red)
B92 – Wolf, Taylor (OPP, Green Bay, 2, Red)

Outside Hitters (56)
Jersey # – Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining)
W1 – Bailey, Brooke (OH, Clemson, 2, Red)
W2 – Bajema, Kara (OH, Washington, 1, White)
W3 – Botkin, Brooke (OH, Southern California, 2, White)
W5 – Brown, Logan (OH, Arkansas, 2, Red)
W6 – Carlson, Brynn (OH, Kansas St., 3, Blue)
W7 – Chastang, Lauren (OH, Kennesaw St., 3, White)
W9 – Clayton, Leah (OH, Colorado, 1, Red)
W10 – Crenshaw, Shannon (OH, Washington, 3, Blue)
W24 – Davis, Keeley (OH, Creighton, 4, Blue)
W11 – Dirrigl, Hailey (OH, Arkansas, 2, Red)
W12 – Dixon, Anna (OH, Kansas St., 4, Blue)
W59 – Drechsel, Samantha (OH, Washington, 2, Red)
W13 – Drews, Danielle (OH, Utah, 2, White)
W14 – Eggleston, Logan (OH, Texas, 3, White)
W15 – Freeman, Abigail (OH, Greenville, 2, Blue)
W16 – Hadrych, Lexi (OH, UCLA, 4, Red)
W17 – Hart, Alexis (OH, Minnesota, 2, Red)
W18 – Haynes, Madeline (OH, California, 1, Blue)
W19 – Hernandez, Mallory (OH, Georgia, 3, Blue)
W20 – Hill, Emily (OH, Texas Tech, 1, White)
W21 – Hoffman, Claire (OH, Washington, 3, Red)
W22 – Holthaus, Eleanor (OH, Iowa St., 3, Blue)
W23 – Keith, Bailey (OH, Air Force, 3, Blue)
W25 – Kuhn, Caroline (OH, Wake Forest, 3, Blue)
W26 – Kuyava-DeBerg, Kylie (OH, Missouri, 2, White)
W62 – Lukes, Katie (OH, San Diego, 3, Blue)
W28 – Lund, Kayla (OH, Pittsburgh, 2, White)
W29 – Martin, Jasmyn (OH, Minnesota, 2, Red)
W30 – McCall, elan (OH, TCU, 3, White)
W31 – McClure, Meghan (OH, Stanford, 2, White)
W32 – McHenry, Melanie (OH, Louisville, 1, White)
W33 – McLean, Brittany (OH, South Carolina, 1, Red)
W34 – Melville, McKenna (OH, UCF, 3, White)
W35 – Member-Meneh, Leketor (OH, Missouri, 2, White)
W37 – O’Connell, Gabrielle (OH, North Florida, 2, Red)
W38 – Owokoniran, Adeola (OH, Duke, 3, Blue)
W39 – Powell, Adria (OH, Ohio St., 3, Blue)
W40 – Pritchard, Erika (OH, Maryland, 2, White)
W41 – Quade, Jacqueline (OH, Illinois, 1, White)
W61 – Rassenfoss, Caroline (OH, Wake Forest, 1, Blue)
W42 – Ritchie, Rachel (OH, Georgia, 2, Red)
W43 – Robinson, Madelyn (OH, BYU, 3, Blue)
W44 – Rollins, Adanna (OH, Minnesota, 3, Red)
W46 – Scully, Shannon (OH, Pepperdine, 2, White)
W47 – Sheehan, Claire (OH, Minnesota, 2, Blue)
W49 – Smith, Ashley (OH, Kansas, 1, Red)
W60 – Ssozi, Denise (OH, Air Force, 1, Red)
W50 – Stroud, Sydney (OH, Georgia St., 1, Red)
W51 – Stroup, Emily (OH, Mississippi, 1, Red)
W52 – Taylor, Maya (OH, Saint Louis, 2, White)
W53 – Thomas, Solei (OH, Clemson, 3, Red)
W54 – Valerian, Valerie (OH, North Texas, 2, White)
W55 – Wiblin, Roxanne (OH, San Diego, 2, Red)
W56 – Williams, Kashauna (OH, Long Beach St., 3, Blue)
W57 – Williams, Stephanie (OH, Pittsburgh, 1, White)
W58 – Yett, Megan (OH, Utah, 3, Red)

Setters (42)
Jersey # – Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining)
G51 – Adams-Kaonohi, Teana (S, Kansas St., 4, Blue)
G52 – Ahlers, Miranda (S, Air Force, 2, Red)
G53 – Alford, Nicole (S, Maryland, 2, Red)
G54 – Allison, Mica (S, Illinois, 3, White)
G55 – Brandt, Jenna (S, Iowa St., 3, Blue)
G57 – Brown, Ashley (S, Washington St., 1, Red)
G94 – Brown, Diana (S, Illinois, 4, Blue)
G58 – Chang, Devon (S, UCLA, 3, Red)
G59 – Cole, Madelyn (S, Creighton, 1, White)
G60 – Dilfer, Victoria (S, Louisville, 2, White)
G61 – Dixon, Sarah (S, Kansas St., 2, Red)
G62 – Dockery, Tamia (S, Howard, 0, Red)
G63 – Donovan, Meghan (S, Georgia, 1, Red)
G64 – Easton, Gabrielle (S, Clemson, 3, White)
G65 – Ennis, Camryn (S, Kansas, 3, White)
G66 – Ewert, Jenna (S, Colorado, 3, Red)
G67 – Fitzner, Emily (S, Indiana, 4, Red)
G68 – Gabriel, Jhenna (S, Texas, 4, Blue)
G95 – Garard, Mamie (S, San Jose St., 3, Blue)
G70 – Hammill, Taylor (S, Tennessee, 1, Red)
G71 – Holt, Madeline (S, Wake Forest, 2, Blue)
G72 – Jefferies, Janiece (S, East Carolina, 3, Blue)
G73 – Kaahaaina-Torres, Saige (S, Utah, 3, Red)
G74 – Kirby, Alexandria (S, Texas Tech, 3, Blue)
G75 – Koehler, Courtney (S, South Carolina, 1, Red)
G76 – Kwiatkowski, Parker (S, Wake Forest, 4, Blue)
G77 – Lee, Jaimeson (S, George Washington, 1, Blue)
G78 – Levers, Kylee (S, Pittsburgh, 2, Blue)
G79 – Martin, Shelby (S, East Carolina, 2, Red)
G80 – McLaughlin, Kylee (S, Oklahoma, 2, White)
G81 – McMenimen, Bayley (S, Minnesota, 3, Blue)
G82 – Miller, Kylie (S, Minnesota, 1, White)
G83 – Neelon, Meghan (S, Alabama, 3, Red)
G84 – Nielsen, Sara (S, Minnesota, 2, Blue)
G85 – Orr, Gabrielle (S, Iowa, 2, White)
G86 – Podraza, Machaela (S, Ohio St., 4, Blue)
G87 – Powell, Ella (S, Washington, 3, White)
G88 – Reid, Tess (S, Loyola Marymount, 1, White)
G89 – Rippee, Rachel (S, Arkansas, 1, White)
G90 – Ryan, Grace (S, Arkansas, 3, Red)
G91 – Seaman, Amber (S, Ball St., 1, Red)
G92 – Thompson, Cali (S, UCLA, 1, White)

U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryout Administrators and Coaches

U.S. Women’s National Team
Karch Kiraly – Head Coach
Luka Slabe – Assistant Coach
Tama Miyashiro – Assistant Coach
Erin Virtue – Assistant Coach
Jeff Liu – Technical Coordinator
Jon Newman-Gonchar – WNT Assistant Coach/New Mexico

Nicki Holmes (George Washington)
Bill Kauffman (USAV Staff – Media Relations)
Meredith Lee (USAV Staff – HP)
Katie Mitchell (USAV Staff – HP)
Matt Podschweit (USAV Staff – Live Streaming)
Stephen Munson (USAV Staff – Social Media)
Jeff Wanderer (West Hills College Coalinga)

Michelle Chatman (Youth A1)
Keegan Cook (Washington)
Brian Doyon (UCF)
Fran Flory (LSU)
Ray Gooden (Northern Illinois)
Jeff Grove (Kansas State)
Jenny Hazelwood (Infinity Volleyball Club)
Trevor Johnson (Liberty)
Tim Kelly (Bring It Promotions)
Jill Kramer (TCU)
Jose Lugo (Newman)
Heather Olmstead (BYU)
Stacy Sykora (3-Time U.S. Olympian)
Carol Torok (Bradley)
Rod Wilde (CNT Mentor Coach)
Marie Zidek (DePaul)

Court Coaches
Becca Acevedo (Winthrop)
Cole Aiazzi (Montana State)
Fabe Ardila (Wellesley High School)
Chris Duenow (Concordia University Irvine)
Anthony Elizondo (SMVBC)
Jim Giacomazzi (Wayland Baptist)
Marshall Goenawan (Tabor College)
Emily Kohan (Colorado State)
Kathy O’Neill (Empire Volleyball)
Steve Pike (Brockport)
Paula Schwan (Kent Juniors)
Cade Smith (Alabama-Huntsville)
Abbey West (Alliance Volleyball Club)

Jessica Aschenbrenner (Denver)
Rachel Ferguson (Indiana)
Taylor Filzen (Dayton)
Jeffery Hicks (Michigan State)
TJ Read (UCF)
Jose Reyes (Iowa State)
April Sanchez (Idaho State)
Jon Wong (Bradley)