The teams of Tim Brewster-John Schwengel and Devon Newberry-Lindsey Sparks won the USA Volleyball Beach HP U19 World Trials today at the Chula Vista (Calif.) Elite Athlete Training Center.

As Trial champions, the teams have qualified for the 2018 FIVB U19 Beach Volleyball World Championships in Nanjing, China, July 10-15. The second- and third-place teams will also be up for consideration, if the FIVB awards the U.S. a second spot.


1. Tim Brewster, Woodland Hills, Calif., Southern Calif. Region; John Schwengel, Santa Monica, Calif., Southern Calif. Region; Coach: Jose Loiola
2. Marcus Partain, Pacific Palisades, Calif., Southern Calif. Region; Miles Partain, Pacific Palisades, Calif., Southern Calif. Region; Coach: Dylan Maarek
3. Dane Johnson, Manhattan Beach, Calif., Southern Calif. Region; Jason Gibbs, Bellaire, Texas., Lone Star Region


1. Devon Newberry, Los Angeles, Calif., Southern Calif. Region; Lindsey Sparks, Huntington Beach, Calif., Southern Calif. Region; Coach: Dylan Maarek
2. Maya Harvey, Manhattan Beach, Calif., Southern Calif. Region; Megan Kraft, San Diego, Calif., Southern Calif. Region
3. Maddi Kriz, Austin, Texas, Lone Star Region; Delaynie Maple, Temecula, Calif., Southern Calif. Region; Coach: Mike Placek

Medalists from the 2017 USAV Beach HP U19 World Trials. Photo by Matt Brown

The U19 World Trials featured 30 of America’s top up-and-coming beach duos.

In the men’s final Brewster-Schwengel defeated the brothers Partain, Marcus and Miles, 16-21, 21-19, 16-14. Last summer Marcus at 17 and Miles, 15, competed in the FIVB U21 World Championships.

“It feels pretty awesome,” said Brewster. “I’ve wanted to travel for USA for so long. I can’t believe we did it. It’s so awesome. I’m so excited.”

Brewster and Schwengel both qualified for the 2016 FIVB U17 Worlds, but the event was cancelled. Now they have another shot and will travel to China to represent the United States.

The duo had to play from behind, dropping the first set.

“We were also playing a little bit anxious sometimes, but once we really focused up, started hitting our serving spots, staying set on defense, it all came together,” said Schwengel. You’ve just got to remind yourself to stick in it and just know that anything can happen.”

Dane Johnson-Jason Gibbs finished third defeating Eli Margetts-Jacob Titus, 21-14, 21-17.

Newberry-Sparks beat Meg Kraft-Maya Harvey, in a nail biter, 21-18, 28-26.

The champions are both members of the 2017 USAV A1 Beach HP program. This past summer they competed at the AVP Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach Opens.

How does it feel to qualify for China?

“Amazing,” said Sparks. “On top of the world.”

Newberry said, “I never even thought about it. We’ve always heard the stories of everyone going, but never imagined it.

The champions said that the key to their victory was being prepared and staying positive.

“We always stayed positive and we were never afraid or anything even if we were behind,” said Newberry. “We knew what to do with each team when we got there. I never felt unsure going into any game.”

The women’s bracket was filled with tough, close matches. One of the closest was the semifinal match won by Kraft-Harvey versus Delaynie Maple-Maddi Kriz, 19-21, 25-23, 20-18.

A couple hours later, Kraft-Harvey earned a silver and Maple-Kriz took the bronze medal, defeating Olivia Bakos-Peri Brennan, 21-18, 21-18.