USA Volleyball’s response to COVID-19 and guidelines toward Return to Play.

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USA Volleyball’s response to COVID-19 and guidelines toward Return to Play.

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TORRANCE, Calif. – The U.S. beach volleyball teams heading for the FIVB World Tour season opener in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, are prepped and ready for the event that will take place Feb. 7-12.

The season opener FIVB World Tour stop, part of the Swatch Major Series, is a five-star event in the new FIVB tournament ranking categorization. In 2017, there are five five-star tournaments, three four-star and 17 one to three star tournaments. This year will also feature the FIVB Beach World Championships as well as the annual World Tour Finals.

In Fort Lauderdale, 18 evening matches will be played under stadium lights. Sunday’s women’s final will be broadcast on NBC2 and RedBullTV will stream both finals on their platform as well.


Complete live streaming for the event as well as behind-the-scenes coverage will be available via the Swatch Major Series BeachStream. Click here to access their digital platform.

Half of the field in the main draw are new partnerships, but the U.S. does return three teams that have extensive experience together. 2016 Olympic bronze medalists April Ross and Kerri Walsh Jennings (#1 seed), Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena (#3 seed), and John Hyden and Tri Bourne (#10 seed).

The FIVB recently updated its sport regulations to allow the Host Country to register six teams, excluding the wild cards, at three to five star tournaments. Previously the wild cards were included in the six team maximum. With the update, a Host Country may have up to eight teams total in the tournament, which includes teams from wild cards and the reserve list.

Fort Lauderdale 5-Star Roster 
Athletes        Coach   Entry
April Ross    Kerri Walsh Jennings   Marcio Sicoli   Main Draw
Brooke Sweat    Summer Ross   Ty Tramblie   Main Draw
Lauren Fendrick   Sara Hughes       Main Draw
Lane Carico    Irene Pollock   Jason Lochead   Main Draw Wild Card
Brittany Hochevar   Emily Day   Hector Gutierrez   Qualifier
Kelly Claes    Kelly Reeves       Qualifier Wild Card
Emily Stockman   Kimberly DiCello       Qualifier
Kendra Vanzwieten   Kelley Larsen       Reserve
Phil Dalhausser  Nick Lucena   Paul Baxter   Main Draw
John Hyden   Ryan Doherty*   Jon Daze   Main Draw
Jake Gibb   Taylor Crabb       Main Draw
Casey Patterson    Theo Brunner   Rich Lambourne   Main Draw Wild Card
Stafford Slick   Billy Allen       Qualifier
Sean Rosenthal   Trevor Crabb   Jeff Alzina   Qualifier Wild Card
Ryan Doherty   John Mayer   Tom Black   Reserve
Mark Burik    Bill Kolinske       Reserve
Phil Noyes   USAV Video Scout        
Corinne Calabro   USAV Communications        
Giuseppe Vinci    Scout        
Tyler Widdison   Scout        

*Ryan Doherty will play in place of Tri Bourne for this event

UPCOMING EVENTS | Add to your schedule
Feb. 7-12 FIVB Fort Lauderdale 5-Star
Feb. 15-18 FIVB Kish Island (Men only) 3-Star
March 3-5 FIVB Shepparton 1-Star
March 17-19 FIVB Sydney (Women only) 2-Star

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