HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (May 7, 2019) – Beach volleyball teams that were helping their schools battle at the NC championships last weekend will be among those taking center stage May 8-11 at the USA Volleyball Collegiate Beach Championships in Hermosa Beach.

Forty-six women’s teams and 16 men’s teams have registered for the tournament. Teams that medal, if they still have college eligibility, will be invited to train with the college beach training team.

Twenty-two teams will compete Wednesday to qualify eight teams into the main draw, where 24 teams are already seeded.

Thirty-eight of the women’s teams playing were part of one of the eight schools in the NCAA tournament.

To keep up with the schedule and results, click here.

At the NC beach championships last weekend in Gulf Shores, Ala., UCLA won its second-straight championship in front of second-place USC. LSU was third.

In Hermosa, the women’s top seeds are Claire Coppola/Kristen Nuss, the defending champions, from LSU.

The second seeds are Brook Bauer/Deahna Kraft of Pepperdine. The third seeds are Madison Fitzpatrick/Alaina Chacon from Florida State.

The top men’s seeds are Tim Brewster of UCLA and Adam Wienckowski of Florida Atlantic. Wienckowski won the men’s event in 2018 with Jonathan Justice.  This year, Justice, representing Florida State, is the second seed with Bryce Edwards of Nicholls State.

The USA Volleyball Collegiate Beach Championships is part of the 2019 Team USA Champions Series, presented by Xfinity. The champions series showcases numerous Olympic sports throughout the season, highlighting the year-round quest of Team USA athletes to compete at the Olympic Games.


Women’s Seeds and Teams

Main Draw
1              Coppola/Nuss    Claire Coppola    Kristen Nuss        LSU
2              Bauer/Kraft         Brook Bauer        Deahna Kraft        Pepperdine University
3              Fitzpatrick/Chacon  Madison Fitzpatrick         Alaina Chacon     FSU
4              Jones/Gordon    Crissy Jones         Macy Gordon     Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
5              Slater/Hallgren   Sammy Slater      Haley Hallgren     University of Southern California
6              Kruidhof/Molina        Megan Kruidhof              Mariana Molina     LBSU
7              Rund/Putt           Payton Rund       Sara Putt              FSU
8              Rachel/Rhodes  Devon Rachel      Jamie Rhodes      College of Charleston
9              Keene/Buckland      Jaelyn Keene      Tressa Buckland   University of Alabama – Birmingham
10            Wenz/Okaro       Ashley Wenz       Oluoma Okaro       ASU
11           Lundberg/Carballo    Elly Lundberg      Katelyn Carballo    ASU
12            Calvin/Knudsen  Lindsey Calvin     Lindsey Knudsen   Saint Mary’s College
13            Julye/Gengenbacher    Destiny Julye       Kristen Gengenbacher   University of Washington
14            Burling/Baham   Brooke Burling    Jonny Baham      University of Arizona
15            Doud/Slattery    Emma Doud        Savannah Slattery LMU
16            Winkle/Sparks    Abby Van Winkle             Lindsey Sparks    UCLA
17            Hawes/Delmonte    Eden Hawes        Madelyn Delmonte Georgia State University
18            Rodriguez/Rasnick-Pope       Toni Rodriguez  Ashlyn Rasnick-Pope      LSU
19            Baumann/Stansfield  Isabella Baumann          Jessica Stansfield           Grand Canyon University
20           Ekstrom/Ashkinos      Charlie Ekstrom  Victoria Ashkinos             Stanford
21            Reinking/Stevens   Nicole Reinking  Sydney Stevens  LBSU
22            Kuhlman/Poppinga  Brooke Kuhlman            Avery Poppinga  FSU
23         Hill/White Haven Hill Caroline White TCU
24 Manusky/Freed Logan Manusky Lauren Freed College of Charleston


25           DeFalco/Raudsepp Teagan DeFalco Mikaela Raudsepp GCU
26            Towne/Hess       Hannah Towne  Katie Hess            Grand Canyon University
27 Powers/Agnew Olivia Powers Kelli Agnew LSU
28 Privett/Jerger Kate Privett Macy Jerger FSU
29            Dennis/Kaiser     Joy Dennis            Maja Kaiser          University of Southern California
30            Beyer/Ligon        Olivia Beyer         Madison Ligon    LSU
31            Coens/Domanski  Allison Coens      Hunter Domanski          LSU
32            Cordes/Hallaran    Caroline Cordes  Olivia Hallaran    University of Arizona
33 Brocket/Arellano Haley Brocket Avery Arellano TCU
34            Griffith/Sellers   Catherine Griffith             Maile Sellers       ULM
35            Caffrey/Chacon  Payton Caffrey   Morgan Chacon  FSU
36            McKeown/Robert  Alexandra (Lexi) McKeown     Ashley Robert     FSU
37            Blacker/Parker   Sarah Blacker      Dana Parker        University of Arizona
38            Martin/Nederend   Erin Martin          Veronica Nederend        LMU
39            Martin/Kujan      Hannah Martin   Laurel Kujan        University of Southern California
40 Nourse/Nourse Audrey Nourse Nicole Nourse Santa Ana College
41            Anderson/Mohl  Kathryn Anderson           Chelsea Mohl      Stanford
42            Oswald/Rosequist Julia Oswald        Rachel Rosequist        Tampa
43            Gathright/Andraka Jenna Gathright  Emma Andraka  UAB
44           Lim/Meyer          Sierra Lim             Kaitlin Meyer      Westcliff University
45            Phair/Monk         Hannah Phair      Piper Monk         UCLA
46            Sanchez/Johnson Kiora Sanchez     Jenna Johnson  FSU

Men’s Seeds and Teams

1              Wienckowski/Brewster  Adam Wienckowsi Florida Atlantic Tim Brewster      UCLA
2              Justice/Estes       Jonathan Justice  Florida State      Bryce Estes        Nicholls State
3              Schiffer/Shaffer  Leor Schiffer       UCSD      Chris Shaffer UCSD
4              Cory/Titus           Evan Cory             Lincoln Memorial Jacob Titus           Lincoln Memorial
5              Nichols/Gibson  Walker Nichols   Stony Brook         Sammy Gibson   Hunter College
6              Meyer/Hoppe    Zachary Meyer   Concordia UIrvine  Jordan Hoppe     Concordia U Irvine
7              Hughes/Udall     Heath Hughes     GCU         Samuel Udall       GCU
8              McLaren/Braswell           Matthew McLaren Penn State           Luke Braswell      Penn State
9            Gibbs/Jimenez   Jason Gibbs         Lewis University      Carlos Jimenez   Lewis University
10            Gould/Gould      Dan Gould            U of Rhode Island Brett Gould         U of Rhode Island
11 Fisher/Bogner Charles Fisher Penn State Cole Bogner Penn State
12            Knepper/DeJesus            Kaden Knepper  Liberty University     Eugenio DeJesus Liberty University
13            Knapp/Jones       Joshua Knapp     Liberty University      Matt Jones          Liberty University
14            Cascio/Garris      Raymond Cascio UC Santa Cruz     Maxwell Garris   UC Santa Cruz
15 Springer/Olson Kyle Springer Saint Xavier U David Olson Saint Xavier University
16 Buggs/Ma Marques Buggs Westcliff U Michael Ma Westcliff University
17 Santos/Meyer James Santos Westcliff University Trevor Meyer Westcliff University