COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Sept. 29, 2019) – U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team Annie Drews (Elkhart, Indiana) and Kelsey Robinson (Manhattan Beach, California/Bartlett, Illinois) were selected to the FIVB World Cup Dream Team after the final match was played on Sunday in Osaka, Japan. Team USA earned silver in the 12-team round-robin event with a 10-1 record.

Drews, selected as the Best Opposite, ended the tournament with 124 total points including 106 kills, nine blocks and nine aces. She ranked 17th in scoring despite not starting two of the 11 matches. She ranked third in Best Attacker with a 46.9 attack percent (106-of-226). Drews also finished ranked 12th in Best Server with 0.23 aces per USA sets played (0.35 aces per sets she played).

Robinson, chosen as the Best Outside Hitter, ranked 20th in scoring with 117 points including 105 kills, five blocks and seven aces in nine starts. She converted 45.3 percent of her attacks for sixth place in Best Attacker. Robinson was also the Best Receiver in the tournament with 37.58 reception efficiency to go with 1.78 digs per USA set (2.29 digs per set she actually played) for 33rd overall in the tournament.

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Annie Drews and Kelsey Robinson added another line to their impressive resumes by being selected to the FIVB World Cup…

Posted by USA Volleyball on Sunday, September 29, 2019

Team USA sole loss in the World Cup was to gold-medalist and undefeated China earlier in the round robin format. The Americans have now reached the podium in five consecutive World Cup events played in the year prior to the Olympic Games. The U.S. also earned silver at the 2011 World Cup and bronze at the 2003, 2007 and 2015 editions. No other country had medal in the previous four World Cups let alone now five in a row.

“We have a lot to be proud of,” U.S. Women’s National Team Head Coach Karch Kiraly said. “We played a great tournament. All 14 of our players made really important and critical contributions to that. We had one disappointing loss to China – they are playing a very good tournament. But we have a lot to be excited about. We look forward to coming back here in way less than a year for the 2020 Olympics.”

Team USA Individual Scoring in FIVB World Cup

17. Annie Drews 124 Points (106 Kills, 9 Blocks, 9 Aces) in 26 sets and 9 starts

20. Kelsey Robinson 117 Points (105 Kills, 5 Blocks 7 Aces) in 31 sets and 8 starts

28. Chiaka Ogbogu 93 Points (57 Kills, 32 Blocks, 4 Aces) in 30 sets and 9 starts

33. Michelle Bartsch-Hackley 89 Points (72 Kills, 10 Blocks, 7 Aces) in 30 sets and 5 starts

38. Karsta Lowe 85 Points (75 Kills, 8 Blocks, 2 Aces) in 19 sets and 2 starts

43. Jordan Larson 78 Points (65 Kills, 4 Blocks, 9 Aces) in 26 sets and 7 starts

52. Haleigh Washington 67 Points (45 Kills, 16 Blocks, 6 Aces) in 32 sets and 9 starts

88. Tori Dixon 26 Points (19 Kills, 5 Blocks, 2 Aces) in 13 sets and 2 starts

92. Hannah Tapp 23 Points (16 Kills, 4 Blocks, 3 Aces) in 7 sets and 2 starts

96. Kim Hill 20 Points (18 Kills, 2 Blocks, 0 Aces) in 23 sets and 2 starts

107. Jordyn Poulter 16 Points (3 Kills, 8 Blocks, 5 Aces) in 24 sets and 7 starts

115. Lauren Carlini 12 Points (4 Kills, 6 Blocks, 2 Aces) in 15 sets and 4 starts

Other Statistical Rankings

Best Attacker

3. Annie Drews 46.9% (106-226)

6. Kelsey Robinson 45.3% (105-232)

Best Middle

3. Chiaka Ogbogu 0.80 per Team USA Sets (1.07 blocks per sets actually played)

18. Haleigh Washington 0.40 per Team USA Sets (0.50 blocks per sets actually played)

Best Servers

12. Jordan Larson 0.23 per USA Sets (0.35 aces per sets actually played)

13. Annie Drews 0.23 per USA Sets (0.35 aces per sets actually played)

Best Setter

8. Jordyn Poulter 4.38 Running Sets per USA Sets

12. Lauren Carlini 3.28 Running Sets per USA Sets

Best Digger

20. Megan Courtney 1.95 per USA Sets (3.00 digs per sets actually played)

25. Justine Wong-Orantes 1.85 per USA Sets (3.36 digs per sets actually played)

33. Kelsey Robinson 1.78 per USA Sets (2.29 digs per sets actually played)

Best Receiver

1. Kelsey Robinson 37.58 Efficiency

7. Megan Courtney 26.76 Efficiency

The final standings had China winning the gold with an undefeated record in 11 matches followed by the USA at 10-1. Russia earned the bronze with an 8-3 mark. The rest of the field had Brazil (7-4) in fourth, Japan (6-5) in fifth, Korea (6-5) in sixth, Dominican Republic (6-5) in seventh, Netherlands (5-6) in eighth, Serbia (4-7) in ninth, Argentina in 10th (2-9), Kenya (1-10) in 11th and Cameroon (0-11) in 12th.