Glenn Sapp.

The beaches have been quiet lately, since our all-too-familiar nemesis COVID-19 decimated what we hoped would be a stellar beach volleyball season. I think I speak for all of us as I happily bid 2020 goodbye and look to a fresh start with 2021.

What’s coming up? Collegiate beach is up next, and a new USAV Rule Book just in time to support that new season. Also look for new online tools and even (insert groans here…) an online annual quiz. Hopefully these tools will help each of you knock the rust off as you head for the sand. Certainly it’s going to be an all hands on deck sort of spring with five or more forms of volleyball all taking place within just a few short months. Free up your private calendars; it’s going to be a busy spring. There should be opportunity for EVERYONE!

Later in the summer we hope to see the National Beach Tour Junior Championships take to the sand. If you’re interested in working those sorts of events, just drop us a line at Also up this summer: a re-invigorated Beach HP program, now known as the USAV National Team Development Program, or NTDP. With any luck, a 2021 Beach NTDP event might serve as our next NATIONAL Beach Referee training site!

Certainly we do hope to host several ZONAL and, in conjunction with host Regions, LOCAL rating sites. These would include both multi-day camps and single-day clinics. Sites and dates are all TBA at this point. If you’re interested in joining our ranks or in upgrading your certification, please just drop us an email at

Speaking of certifications, some congratulations are in order! Please join me in giving a hearty “beach family welcome” to the beach officials who earned their flip-flops and sand chops this summer:

New Local Beach Officials

Gulf Shores, Alabama – February

  • David Glaze
  • Jon Liggins
  • Kim Loebig
  • Samantha Loebig
  • Jason Stelly
  • Ellise McEntire
  • Joe McEntire

NBTC Huntsville, Alabama – July

  • Scott Arnold
  • Lily Arnold
  • Mike Attison
  • Joseph Dinda

If other Regions have certified other LOCAL Beach officials this year, please let us know!

New Zonal Beach Officials

Gulf Shores, Alabama – February

  • Harold Dobbel
  • Bryce Estes
  • Karen McEntire
  • David Powers
  • Robert Wicker

NBTJC Huntsville, Alabama – July

  • Gavin Blanchette
  • Noelani Cho
  • Michael Holder
  • Jim Lawson
  • Zach McCrite
  • Michael Migliaro
  • Chris Shelton
  • Kyle Smith
Tony Chan.
Tony Chan

Congratulations are also in order for our very Tony Chan (Camarillo, California), who was recently named National Beach Rules Interpreter for USA Volleyball! Tony, who is an active FIVB International Beach Referee, has been a fixture in U.S. beach play as well as a super successful men’s indoor NCAA referee. Somehow, he’s managed all that while being a husband and father of two boisterous boys! We wish Tony all the best in his new role.

Many, many thanks are also due to our outgoing Rules Interpreter, Glenn Sapp. Glenn, of Denver Colorado, played men’s ball at his beloved “Pepp” (Pepperdine University) and has inhabited the Beach Interpreter role since the “days of yore.” Glenn was the Commissioner of the Rocky Mountain Region for the last 25 years and has been an outstanding RVA leader. For these efforts, Glenn was honored with the USAV “Doc” Booth Commissioners Award in 2019. On the sand, most of today’s senior beach referees had Glenn as a rater at some point. He’s been a gracious mentor to me personally as well as to many other aspiring beach officials.

Husband to long-time RMR Office Director Wendy Sapp and father of two girls (Jazzy and Niki), Glenn has been a tireless promoter of both juniors volleyball and the beach game. He’s the Head Referee at Colorado Crossroads and a highly “visible” (it’s the shorts…) indoor and beach juniors coach for the Rocky Mountain Region. As a long-standing triple national indoor referee, as a rater and mentor and as an FIVB Olympic Referee (Beijing 2008), Glenn stands tall in the history of our sport. Many thanks, Glenn!

That’s it for now. See you on the sand!