MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (May 31, 2017) – Sandra Golden of Minnetonka, Minnesota, is well known in volleyball circles after her long career of playing beach and indoor volleyball.

At the 2017 USA Volleyball Open National Championships, held in her own backyard, her team, Ladies out of the Rocky Mountain Region, fell to a Brazilian team in the final of the women’s 65-and-over division.

Q: How long have you been playing volleyball?
A: This is my 27th U.S. Open

Q: Did you play in college?
A: It was before Title IX. After college I went to college and was a beach player. I played a long time on the beach and then somebody pulled me indoor. The beach is a lot softer and smoother on the landings.

Q: Why do you keep playing and coming back?
A: The camaraderie. I’m 67. I’ve been seeing these people for 27 years. If I don’t come back, I would never see some of these Brazilians. We email all year round. We needed players so I called them. We hate them when we’re against them but when they are on our team they are loving.

Q: What do you like about volleyball?
A: It’s a sport you can start playing at any age. Men are playing into their 80s. I play with a lot of the men sometimes when there aren’t women. My husband plays. It’s a sport you can start at an early age. You can be tall or short. You can be heavy or skinny. It’s just a fun game. And your health. At 67 I’m doing OK.

Q: How did you hook up with a team from the Rocky Mountain Region?
A: We played against them for years. We have players from all over the country. I had six of them at my house. They family when they live with you.

Q: Would you recommend that players come to the Opens?
A: I would highly recommend it. It’s just a fun sport. You keep coming back and it becomes more fun. You meet players from around the country. When you travel, you visit them, you play on their teams and you have places to stay. It’s a volleyball family.