Spring training series

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (May 16, 2024) – More than 100 girls and boys athletes will hit Manhattan Beach, California, on May 16-19 for the 2024 Beach National Team Development Program Spring Training Series event.

This training gives junior beach volleyball athletes the chance to practice with and compete against some of the best athletes in the United States while receiving guidance from top coaches.

Athletes in the U19 and U20 age groups will train May 16-19. Athletes who are U17 and under will train May 17-19. The training will be held alongside the 2024 USA Volleyball Beach World University Championships Trials.



The Spring Training head coaches are Jake Gibb (Girls U16), Andrew Fuller (Girls U17), Angie Akers (Girls U19), Patty Dodd (Women’s U20), Nicole Christner (Boys U17), Hudson Bates (Boys U19) and Dancer Styles (Men’s U20).

Twenty-three USA Volleyball regions are represented by the Spring Training Series athletes: Aloha, Arizona, Carolina, Chesapeake, Delta, Evergreen, Florida, Gateway, Great Lakes, Gulf Coast, Hoosier, Heart of America, Keystone, Lone Star, North Texas, Northern California, Ohio Valley, Old Dominion, Palmetto, Pioneer, Puget Sound, Southern and Southern California.

Athletes for the Spring Training Series were identified and invited based on recommendations from the Beach NTDP Scouting Network. The scouting network serves as the Beach NTDP talent identification process and includes coaches and experts from across the United States.

All training series are conducted by top Beach NTDP coaches and feature a comprehensive focus on the five pillars of the NTDP: Craft, Mind, Body, Heart and Team.

Training Series Coaches:

Men’s 20
Head Coach: Dancer Styles, Assistant Coach, Cal

Boys U19:
Head Coach: Hudson Bates, Associate Head Coach, The Ohio State University
Assistant Coach: Laurel Weaver, USAV Beach NTDP
Assistant Coach: Megan Burgdorf, Beach VB Consulting

Boys U17
Head Coach: Nicole Christner, USAV Beach NTDP/S3 Beach VB
Assistant Coach: Danko Iordanov, Head Coach, Cypress College
Assistant Coach: Cesar Benatti, Assistant Coach, Loyola Marymount
Assistant Coach: Chase Howard, Assistant Coach, Harvard

Women’s U20:
Head Coach: Patty Dodd, USAV Beach NTDP/MBSand
Assistant Coach: Hector Gutierrez, Head Coach, TCU

Girls U19
Head Coach: Angie Akers, Assistant Coach, Texas
Assistant Coach: Kelly Reeves, Assistant Coach, UCLA
Assistant Coach: Gustavo Rocha, Associate Head Coach, USC
Assistant Coach: Brooke Niles, Head Coach, FSU

Girls U17
Head Coach: Andrew Fuller, Head Coach, Stanford
Assistant Coach: Jenny Johnson-Jordan, Head Coach, UCLA
Assistant Coach: Jeff Alzina, Head Coach, Santa Clara
Assistant Coach: Kristen Rohr, Head Coach, Arizona State

Girls U16
Head Coach: Jake Gibb, Spiker Beach
Assistant Coach: Beth Van Fleet, Head Coach, Georgia State
Assistant Coach: Evan Silberstein, Head Coach, Hawaii