COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Nov. 6, 2017) – Megan Courtney (Dayton, Ohio, Instagram) completed her first full season with the U.S. Women’s National Team this summer and showed off her versatility as both an outside hitter and libero.

After earning bronze at the season-ending FIVB World Grand Champions Cup in September, Courtney traveled to Turkey to begin her second professional season. The Penn State graduate was just getting to know her new Canakkale teammates in the Turkish League when her winter plans turned upside down.

Courtney tore her ACL on just her second day of training in Turkey, prompting knee surgery for the third time since high school. She is currently back home in Ohio rehabbing her knee after a successful surgery. She is determined to get back on the court as an outside hitter, but will not rush the process as she did following her ACL surgery while in high school.

USA Volleyball: Describe when and how you injured your ACL while training with Canakkale in the Turkish League.
Courtney: “I was playing in a friendly match just two days into being in Turkey with my new club team, Canakkale. I was covering a ball and pushed off and immediately felt a pop in my left knee. Having already torn my other ACL I knew right away what had happened.”

USA Volleyball: When was your surgery, and how has rehab been going? Did you go back home for the surgery?
Courtney: “I had surgery on Oct. 10 back home in Ohio. I really wanted to be with family in the beginning stages of recovery just to get through the hardest parts with them! Rehab has been going great! Taking it day by day and celebrating the little victories!”

USA Volleyball: What is your motivation to get back to full health?
Courtney: “My motivation comes from a variety of places. I hate being out and not being able to compete. It’s not who I am! I want to be able to prove to myself that I can go through this process yet again and come back stronger than before!”

USA Volleyball: Have you ever had a similar injury to when you were out for a season, and if so, describe that injury and the process on recovery?
Courtney: “This is my third knee surgery. In high school I tore my ACL, and a year later tore my meniscus in my right (the other) knee!”

USA Volleyball: Will you do anything different in the rehab now based on what you learned earlier?
Courtney: “I recovered very well from my last surgery and injury. I am working with the PT I worked with back in high school again while I am home! Last time I wanted to get back to playing asap! I was in high school and young. This time I am going to take my time and not try to rush anything. I’m going to make sure everything is good and ready to go before heading back to the court!”

USA Volleyball: Do you have an established timeline to get back on the court and resume training with the National Team?
Courtney: “I do not have a timeline to get back. I am taking it one day at a time. It’s hard only 3-4 weeks post-surgery to have a timeline. My plan is to return as healthy and ready as possible. Only time will tell when that is!”

USA Volleyball: With the injury, will you consider making the switch full time from outside hitter to libero?
Courtney: “I don’t think this injury will prohibit me from being an outside again. I am going to train and rehab like I want to get back to being an outside! That’s my goal!”

USA Volleyball: While you never want to be injured, do you see a silver lining or bright spot to this setback in looking to the positive side of things?
Courtney: “It’s never great being injured, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason! I am able to be home and spend time with family and loved ones that I wouldn’t be able to if I was playing this season. Taking time to spend with family and home is something all of the girls want more of! It’s part of the sacrifice we give up to pursue a career in the sport we love! I will never take this time for granted!”