Two women sitting at scoring table

I am happy to report that 20 candidates from 15 different regions earned their national scorer certification in July during the USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships in Dallas, Texas.

These candidates all demonstrated proficiency in national scoring procedures, and I am excited to welcome them to the cadre of national scorers.

  • Shereen Bailey (Delta)
  • Barbara Besal (Old Dominion)
  • Erik Burris (Pioneer)
  • Rosita Chavez (Sun Country)
  • Ricardo Elizondo (Lone Star)
  • Kailee Jodarski (Arizona)
  • Gerald Johnson (North Texas)
  • Krystian Krzyzak (Great Lakes)
  • Mary Kylander (Old Dominion)
  • Ryan Lacson (Heart of America)
  • Edward Lau (Lone Star)
  • William Leiber (Evergreen)
  • Haleigh Lewis (Delta)
  • Myra Mims (Sun Country)
  • Toni Slagle (Oklahoma)
  • Kathryn Smith-Mahoney (Southern California)
  • Micki Soliven (Intermountain)
  • Tamikia Ulmer-Jones (Bayou)
  • Sharon Walker (Great Lakes)
  • Craig Wiedel (Great Plains)

I would like express special thanks to the members of the rating team: Jane Dong (Southern California), Jim Feickert (Arizona), Rosie Sintop (Southern California), and Thang Nguyen (Lone Star).  We hope the candidates found the experience to be profitable and that they learned some new things along the way. 

I would like to encourage all our national scorers to attend the 2020 Open National Championships in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where you can put your skills to work!