COLUMBUS, Ohio (July 7, 2017) – Four teams from USA Volleyball’s Southern California Region made it to the semifinals of the 15 Open Division and SCVC came out on top on Friday at the Boys Junior National Championships at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

In the 15 Open final, SCVC 15Quicksilver defeated Team Rockstar 15-1, 25-21, 28-26.

In Friday’s semifinals, SCVC defeated Balboa Bay 15Blue, 25-21, 22-25, 15-12. In the other semifinal, Rockstar beat 949 Black B-McKay, 25-17, 25-18.

“That was the third time we’ve played that team and I think the most difficult thing in sports is to beat a good team three times,” SCVC Head Coach Chris Austin said. “We truly believe that if we stick to our systems, we’re really difficult to beat.”

SCVC went 11-0 in the tournament. Austin said the team was particularly challenged by Puerto Rico’s Borinquen Coqui 15-1M and Balboa Bay 15Blue.

“Balboa Bay played us tougher than we’ve been played in a while,” he said. “In the final, we were down at one point by five points and we came grinding back.”

SCVC’s Sebastian Rodriquez was named the 15 Open MVP.

In the 15 Club Division, SMBC 15 Adidas of Southern California defeated Southern California’s Legacy Boys 15 Elite in the final, 17-25, 25-20, 15-11. Southern California’s Balboa Bay 15 White and MVVC 15 Red from Northern California finished third.

Will Mallory of SMBC was named the 15 Club MVP.

Saturday is the final day of the tournament, with finals in the 17 Club and 17 Open Divisions as well as the 13 Club Division.

A record 510 teams and more than 5,000 top boys’ junior players, ages 12-18, from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam are participating in the Boys’ Junior National Championships this year.

Sport Court is the official athletic flooring for the USA Volleyball Boys’ Junior National Championships.

USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships Results

 12 Club: Gold: Borinquen Coqui 12-1M (Puerto Rico); Silver: Bay to Bay 12-1 (Northern California); Bronze: MVVC 12 Red (Northern California) and Vaqueros 12-1 (Puerto Rico)

18 Open: Gold: Balboa Bay 18 Blue (Southern California); Silver: 949 18 Black B-KC (Southern California); Bronze: MB Surf ASICS 18s and Rise T.O 18-Adam

18 Club: Gold: Mizuno East Volleyball Club 18-Ryan (New England); Silver: Kaizen Boys 18s Black (Oklahoma); Bronze: Seaside 18-Black (Southern California) and VXS 18s Black (Southern California)

14 Open: Gold: 949 14 Black B-Jason (Southern California); Silver: Team Rockstar 14-1 (Southern California); Bronze: SCVC 14 Quicksilver (Southern California) and UVS 14UM Juan (Puerto Rico)

14 Club: Gold: San Clemente 14 Tim (Southern California); Silver: LBVC 14 Gold (Southern California); Bronze: MVVC 14 Black (Northern California) and SB Coast 14-1 (Southern California)

16 Open: Gold: Balboa Bay 16 Blue (Southern California); Silver: SPVB B16 Mizuno (Great Lakes); Bronze: MVVC; Bronze: MVVC 16 Red (Northern California) and MVC B16-Phil (Badger)

16 Club: Gold: Adversity 16 Purple (Great Lakes); Silver: NCVC ASICS 16-1 (Northern California); Bronze: KU’IKAHI 16R RoShamBo (Aloha Region) and Milwaukee Sting 16 Boys (Badger Region)

15 Open: Gold: SCVC 15Quicksilver (Southern California); Silver: Team Rockstar 15-1 (Southern California); Bronze: Balboa Bay 15Blue (Southern California) and 949 Black B-McKay (Southern California)

15 Club: Gold: SMBC 15 Adidas (Southern California); Silver: Legacy Boys 15 Elite (Southern California); Bronze: Balboa Bay 15 White (Southern California) and MVVC 15 Red (Northern California)