COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Teams from 12 junior aged divisions played in the 2016 Junior Beach Tour Championships held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this weekend.

Youth athletes comprised 426 teams that competed in the three-day Junior Beach Tour Championships. Co-hosted by the USA Volleyball Badger Region, at Bradford Beach in Milwaukee, the Championships crowned titles in age groups from 12-and-under to 18-and-under.

The boys and girls championships were played July 22 to 24 and featured a high of 84 teams in the 16U girls’ Open division.

Participation in the Championships was contingent on teams finishing in the top three in one of the 70+ Tour stops in 2016. The Club division was available to all players wanting to get experience playing in the National Championships.

Depending on the number of teams entered into a division, titles were given to multiple playoff brackets, the top to the Gold bracket.

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Boys 12U Open/Club
1. Malcom/Chase
2. Tome/Conway
3. Hohe/Sladewski

Girls 12U Club
1. Williams/Murphy
2. Studer/Gryniewicz
T3. Schmit/Hamilton
T3. Dohogne/Schneider

Girls 12U Open
1. Buckley/Ballard
2. Traiger/Janes
3. Mansfield/Wofford

Boys 14U Open/Club
1. Eichenberger/Roquet
2. Haas/Vogelpohl (C)
3. Ansel/Schmidt

Girls 14U Club
1. Williams/Garmon
2. Legawiec/Pozorski
T3. Messier/Russ
T3. Teller/Kammerzelt

Girls 14U Open
1. Anderson/Szczepaniuk
2. Devers/Jackson
3. Scott/Beavin

Boys 16U Open/Club
1. Miller/Michalk
2. Miller/Titus
3. Gibson/Manchenko

Girls 16U Club
1. Bosio/Buckley
2. Kalil/Lammers
3. Stamm/Connealy

Girls 16U Open
1. Dorn/Privett
2. Hughes/Mckinney
3. Mahi/Weideman
4. Buckley/Mosley

Boys 18U Open/Club
1. Mickol/Voelkl
2. Goettman/Bukala
T3. Huizinga/Klosak
T3. Voronov/Hutchinson

Girls 18U Club
1. Leo/Kebisek
2. Freund/Witt
3. Brant/Washington

This year’s JBT schedule featured 72 events prior to the Championships. The West Coast Championships are slated to be Aug. 25-26 in Long Beach, Calif., in conjunction with the Long Beach Grand Slam.

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