Alexis Stucky
Alexis Stucky sets at the 2021 U18 World Championship

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (June 15, 2023) – USA Volleyball’s National Team Development Program is announcing the 20-player roster for the 2023 Women’s Collegiate National Team.

The team includes 20 of the country’s top collegiate women’s volleyball players and a staff of seven.

The Collegiate Team will train June 18-24 in Anaheim, Calif., alongside the U.S. Women’s National Team as it prepares for the final preliminary round of Volleyball Nations League.

Outside hitters on the roster are Mimi Colyer, Skylar Fields, Morgan Geddes, Lauren Jardine, Erin Livingston and Caroline Meuth.

Middle blockers are Anita Anwusi, Meg Brown, Anna Dodson, Sophie Fischer and Janice Leao. Opposites are Anna Dixon, Jordan Iliff and Kate Prior.

Setters are Emma Grome, Camryn Haworth and Alexis Stucky. Liberos are Lauren Briseño, Kate Georgiades and Lexi Rodriguez.

Longtime NTDP coach Michelle Chatman Smith will be the team’s head coach. Her assistants will be Olympic medalists Tayyiba Haneef-Park and Danielle Scott along with BYU Head Coach Heather Olmstead.

2023 U.S. Women’s Collegiate National Team

Name (Position, Height, Birth year, Hometown, College, USAV Region)
Anita Anwusi (MB, 6-3, 2001, Houston, Texas, LSU, Lone Star)
Lauren Briseño (L, 5-7, 2003, San Antonio, Texas, Baylor, Lone Star)
Meg Brown (MB, 6-3, 2002, Santa Ana, Calif., Pepperdine, Southern California)
Mimi Colyer (OH, 6-3, 2004, Lincoln, Calif., Univ. of Oregon, Northern California)
Anna Dixon (Opp, 6-2, 2000, Louisburg, Kan., Univ. of Florida, Heart of America)
Anna Dodson (MB, 6-5, 2001, Fort Collins, Colo., UCLA, Rocky Mountain)
Skylar Fields (OH, 6-2, 2001, Missouri City, Texas, Univ. of Southern California, Lone Star)
Sophie Fischer (MB, 6-4, 2001, Fort Mill, S.C., Univ. of Georgia, Palmetto)
Morgan Geddes (OH, 6-2, 2002, Grove City, Ohio, Univ. of Indiana, Ohio Valley)
Kate Georgiades (L, 5-9, 2002, College Station, Texas, Houston, Lone Star)
Emma Grome (S, 5-9, 2002, Loveland, Ohio, Univ. of Kentucky, Ohio Valley)
Camryn Haworth (S, 5-9, 2003, Fishers, Ind., Univ. of Indiana, Hoosier)
Jordan Iliff (Opp, 6-2, 2002, Saint Louis, Mo., Univ. of Missouri, Gateway)
Lauren Jardine (OH, 6-2, 2002, Highland, Utah, Univ. of Utah, Intermountain)
Janice Leao (MB, 6-3, 2001, New Bedford, Mass., Univ. of Miami, New England)
Erin Livingston (OH, 6-2, 2000, Provo, Utah, BYU, Intermountain)
Caroline Meuth (OH, 6-0, 2001, San Antonio, Texas, Texas A&M, Lone Star)
Kate Prior (Opp, 6-4, 2004, Henderson, Nev., BYU, Southern California)
Lexi Rodriguez (L, 5-5, 2003, Sterling, Ill., Univ. of Nebraska, Great Lakes)
Alexis Stucky (S, 6-2, 2004, Laramie, Wyo., Univ. of Florida, Rocky Mountain)

Head Coach: Michelle Chatman Smith
Assistant Coach:  Danielle Scott
Assistant Coach:  Tayyiba Haneef-Park
Assistant Coach:  Heather Olmstead
Performance Analyst: Shea Decker-Jacoby
ATC: Cherryl Bueno
Team Lead: Nicole Segura

Olivia Bennett (L, 5-4, 2004, Lexington, Ky., Univ. of San Diego, Pioneer)
Leyla Blackwell (MB, 6-4, 2002, La Jolla, Calif., Univ. of San Diego, Southern California)
Averi Carlson (S, 5-11, 2003, Allen, Texas, Baylor, North Texas)
Grace Chillingworth (OH, 6-2, 2003, Santa Ana, Calif., Pepperdine, Southern California)
Morgahn Fingall (Opp, 6-1, 2001 , Tyndall AFB, Fla., Univ. of Tennessee, Florida)
Sam Hastings (L, 5-8, 2002, Frisco, Texas, Loyola Marymount, North Texas)
Emily Hellmuth (OH, 6-3, 2003, Dallas, Texas, Pepperdine, North Texas)
Kennedy Martin (Opp, 6-6, 2005 , Fort Mill, S.C., Univ. of Florida, Palmetto)
Whitney McEwan (MB, 6-3, 2000, Orem, Utah, BYU, Intermountain)
Ashley Mullen (S, 5-11, 2004, Kansas City, Mo., UCLA, Heart of America)
Kaley Rammelsberg (MB, 6-3, 2000, Woosterville, Ohio, Univ. of Indiana, Ohio Valley)
Megan Wielonski (S, 5-10, 2003, Mason, Ohio, Ball State, Ohio Valley)