HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. (Aug. 18, 2017) – Olympic medalists Matt Anderson, Max Holt and Aaron Russell shook off the rust and returned to the court with the U.S. Men’s National Team on Friday, but the result was not quite what they had hoped.

The No. 2-ranked U.S. Men’s National Team fell to No. 1 Brazil, 25-21, 25-23, 29-27 in a USA Volleyball Cup match at the Sears Centre Arena.

Brazil improved to 3-0 in the four-match exhibition series between the two teams. They will play again on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. CT at the Sears Centre Arena.

The match saw the return of Anderson, Russell and Holt to the team after early-season breaks. Anderson and Russell led the team in scoring with 10 points each.

“I’ve got some more things I’ve got to work on; getting back into the rhythm of the game and the flow and just the overall competition,” Anderson said. “You lose a little bit, regardless of how much time you take off.”

Russell, who suffered a serious ankle injury while training with his professional team in Italy, also saw room for improvement.

“I have a little work to do. But I love the way that my teammates supported me throughout,” Russell said. “I think right now my movements are a little bit awkward. But I’m trying to work through that.”

The U.S. attack was strong as the Americans hit .453 behind starting setter Kawika Shoji. But Brazil was a little better at .480 behind longtime starter and 2016 Olympic gold medalist Bruno Rezende.

The U.S. led in aces (7-4) but also had 23 service errors. The U.S. also led in blocks (4-3).

Olympic medalist Thomas Jaeschke, who grew up near the Sears Centre, played the third set and scored five points, including two aces. Local product Jeff Jendryk, who will return to Loyola of Chicago for his senior season at the end of summer, scored five points on four kills (.800 hitting efficiency) and one ace.

“I really wish we would have pushed the match a little longer,” U.S. Head Coach John Speraw said. “We still have some exceptionally young guys (T.J. DeFalco, Jendryk, Jaeschke, Russell) playing against a veteran team. But that doesn’t excuse some of the things we’re doing.

“We need to learn quickly. We should be better than we are right now.”

Brazil was paced by Mauricio Silva with 16 points and Renan Buiatti with 15.

U.S. Roster for USAV Cup Matches
No. Name (Position, Height, Hometown, College)
1. Matt Anderson (Opp, 6-9, West Seneca, N.Y., Penn State)
2. Aaron Russell (OH, 6-9, Ellicott City, Md., Penn State)
4. Jeff Jendryk (MB, 6-10, Wheaton, Ill., Loyola of Chicago)
7. Kawika Shoji (S, 6-3, Honolulu, Hawaii, Stanford)
10. Thomas Jaeschke (OH, 6-6, Wheaton, Ill., Loyola of Chicago)
11. Micah Christenson (S, 6-6, Honolulu, Southern California)
12. TJ DeFalco (OH, 6-5, Huntington Beach, Calif., Long Beach State)
13. Dan McDonnell (MB, 6-6, Glendale, Ariz., UC Irvine)
14. Ben Patch (Opp, 6-8, Provo, Utah, BYU)
15. Carson Clark (Opp, 6-8, Santa Barbara, Calif., UC Irvine)
17. Max Holt (MB, 6-10, Cincinnati, Ohio, Penn State)
18. Garrett Muagututia (OH, 6-5, Oceanside, Calif., UCLA)
19. Taylor Averill (MB, 6-7, San Jose, Calif., Hawaii)
20C. David Smith (MB, 6-7, Saugus, Calif., UC Irvine)
21. Dustin Watten (L, 6-0, Long Beach, Calif., Long Beach State)
22. Erik Shoji (L, 6-0, Honolulu, Hawaii, Stanford)

Head Coach: John Speraw
Assistant Coach: Brian Thornton
Technical Coordinator: Nate Ngo
Athletic Trainer: Aaron Brock
Athletic Trainer: Tim Pelot

Brazil Roster for USAV Cup Matches
No. Name (Position, Height, Shirt Name)
1. Bruno Mossa de Rezende (S, 6-3, BRUNO)
2. Isac Viana Santos (MB, 6-10, ISAC)
5. Lucas Eduardo Loh (OH, 6-5, LUCAS LOH)
6. Tiago Brendle (L, 6-10, T. BRENDLE)
7. Murilo Radke (S, 6-6, M. RADKE)
10. Otavio Henrique Rodrigues Pinto (MB, 6-7, OTAVIO)
12. Joᾶo Rafael de Barros Ferreira (OH, 6-3, JOÃO RAFAEL)
13. Mauricio Luiz de Souza (MB, 6-10, M. SOUZA)
16. Lucas Saatkamp (MB, 6-11, LUCAS)
17. Thales Gustavo Hoss (L, 6-2, THALES)
18. Ricardo Lucarelli Santos de Souza (OH, 6-5, LUCARELLI)
19. Mauricio Borges Almeida Silva (OH, 6-10, MAURICIO)
20. Renan Zanatta Buiatti (Opp, 7-0, RENAN)
21. Rafael Rodrigues de Araujo (Opp, 6-9, ARAUJO)

Head Coach: Renan Dos Santos
Assistant Coach: Marcelo Fronckowiak
Assistant Coach: Ricardo Tabach
Doctor: Felipe Serrᾶo
Therapist: Matheus Cardoso Dos Santos
Physical Trainer: Renato Sergio Bacchi
Massage Therapist: Kleevansostins Albuquerque
Statistician: Henrique Modenesi