COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (updated March 3, 2017) – The annual U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryouts will take place March 3-5 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The tryout will evaluate 238 athletes from 84 colleges and 10 high schools from across the country for spots on the U.S. Women’s National Team and the U.S. Collegiate National Team program. Further, select athletes born in 1998 or 1999 are also competing for spots on the 2017 U.S. Women’s Junior National Team.

The breakdown for the tryout includes 62 middles, 54 liberos, 51 outside hitters, 41 setters and 30 opposites.

A vast majority of the current U.S. Women’s National Team athletes have participated in past open tryouts. As an example, Kim Hill (Portland, Oregon), an alum of Pepperdine University, took part in the 2013 open tryout, was asked to train with the team in May 2013, started much of the 2013 FIVB World Grand Prix and by 2014 earned the most valuable player award at the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship in which Team USA won for the first time. Hill would go on to help Team USA win bronze at the 2016 Olympic Games.

U.S. Women’s National Team Head Coach Karch Kiraly will direct the entire tryout process. The list of athletes attending the tryout can be viewed at the bottom of this release.

The tryout will involve four sessions with three waves per session. Friday’s first session goes from 2-8 p.m. MT, while Saturday’s sessions are at 8 a.m. (focus on serve/receive and individual work) and 2 p.m. (middle-centered and out-of-system focus). The final session on Sunday begins at 7:30 a.m. MT with tournament style play, along with 16-18 athletes selected by the U.S. Women’s National Team staff to participate in a “USA” training session. The Sunday session wraps up at 10:30 a.m. MT.

Selected athletes for the U.S. Women’s National Team may begin their training in Anaheim, California, as early as the spring of 2017, or when an athlete’s scholastic or professional club season has concluded.

The U.S. Collegiate National Team program has three competition options:

  • Tour of Thailand (12 athletes): May 19-30
  • Tour of Europe (12 athletes): July 5-16
  • USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships (projected 36 athletes): June 22-July 1 in Minneapolis

Selections for the U.S. Collegiate National Teams will be made by the end of March.

U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryout Participants

Updated: March 3 at 8:35 a.m. MT

Liberos (54)
Jersey – Name (School, Position, Friday Wave Time)
N56 – Akiu, Tita (Texas Tech University, Libero, 6pm)
N26 – Anderson, Lauren (Lipscomb University, Libero, 6pm)
N1 – Avila, Katherine (Ball State University, Libero, 4pm)
N27 – Bates, Kelli (University of Wisconsin, Libero, 6pm)
N10 – Beckley, Sophie (University of Minnesota, Libero, 6pm)
N51 – Benson, Amanda (University of Oregon, Libero, 4pm)
N28 – Blanco, Lauren (Youngstown State University, Libero, 2pm)
N29 – Boswell, Julia (Air Force, Libero, 2pm)
N30 – Butters, Emily (Missouri State University, Libero, 4pm)
N3 – Clark, Tiffany (University of Michigan, Libero, 4pm)
N2 – Cox, Jamye (Michigan State University, Libero, 2pm)
N4 – Curry, Gabby (University of Kentucky, Libero, 2pm)
N5 – Dirige, Alexis (Washington State University, Libero, 6pm)
N11 – Dixon, Brianne (Missouri State University, Libero, 2pm)
N31 – Donnelly, Brandi (University of Illinois, Libero, 4pm)
N32 – Dusek, Ashley (University of Kentucky, Libero, 4pm)
N33 – Earl, Jesse (Auburn University, Libero, 4pm)
N12 – Elattrache, Nicole (Duke University, Libero, 2pm)
N13 – Ellis, Kayla (Oregon State University, Libero, 2pm)
N14 – Ezell, Aubrey (University of South Carolina, Libero, 2pm)
N15 – Fraase, Alivia (University of North Dakota, Libero, 4pm)
N16 – Garda, Madeline (Bowling Green State University, Libero, 2pm)
N34 – Garrick, Victoria (University of Southern California, Libero, 2pm)
N35 – Goehner, Alyssa (University of Minnesota, Libero, 6pm)
N24 – Hahn, Claire (University of Texas, Libero, 6pm)
N17 – Halm, Camry (The Ohio State University, Libero, 6pm)
N6 – Harward, Hailey (Long Beach State University, Libero, 4pm)
N18 – Hellman, Sarah (Air Force, Libero, 2pm)
N36 – Hillegas, Hali (Iowa State University, Libero, 2pm)
N52 – Kahakai, Savanah (University of Hawaii, Libero, 4pm)
N7 – Laker, Mary (Brigham Young University, Libero, 6pm)
N19 – Lawmaster, Lindsey (Long Beach State University, Libero, 4pm)
N20 – LeGrand, Raegan (University of Southern California, Libero, 2pm)
N37 – Lishman, Dallas (Pepperdine University, Libero, 6pm)
N25 – Litzau, Lauren (University of Minnesota, Libero, 6pm)
N50 – Martin, Makenna (University of Arizona, Libero, 6pm)
N53 – McCoy, Catherine (University of Texas, Libero, 6pm)
N38 – McDonald, Maeve (Miami University (OH), Libero, 4pm)
N39 – Morton, Katarina (Kennesaw State University, Libero, 2pm)
N40 – Nelson, Alyssa (Cabrillo College, Libero, 6pm)
N41 – Olsen, Annika (University of Iowa, Libero, 2pm)
N8 – Payne, Kori (Brunswick High School, Libero, 6pm)
N42 – Pence, Courtney (Illinois State University, Libero, 4pm)
N43 – Peters, Brooke (Purdue University, Libero, 2pm)
N44 – Rounsaville, Autumn (University of Texas, Libero, 6pm)
N22 – Sauer, Molly (University of Louisville, Libero, 4pm)
N45 – Seman, Angela (University of Pittsburgh, Libero, 2pm)
N54 – Snuka, Penina (University of Arizona, Libero, 4pm)
N46 – Sponcil, Sarah (Loyola Marymount University, Libero, 4pm)
N47 – Swanson, Kate (Yale University, Libero, 2pm)
N48 – Thomas, Brittany (Lipscomb University, Libero, 2pm)
N49 – Tillis, Regina (Louisiana State University, Libero, 2pm)
N23 – Witt, Brittany (Creighton University, Libero, 6pm)
N9 – Worley, Samantha (Iolani School, Libero, 6pm)

Middles (62)
Jersey – Name (School, Position, Friday Wave Time)
B66 – Abu, Naghede (University of Colorado, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B49 – Agbaji, Orie (University of Texas, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B50 – Anderson, Rachel (Western Kentucky University, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B51 – Bass, Majesti (University of Georgia, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B52 – Bastianelli, Alison (University of Illinois, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B12 – Bennett, Jasmine (University of Louisville, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B53 – Brown, Kazmiere (University of Kentucky, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B13 – Buford, Kayla (University of Minnesota, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B44 – Butler, Brionne (University of Texas, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B14 – Condon, Samantha (Oakland University, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B55 – Crocker, Corissa (University of Michigan, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B15 – Dahlberg, Elizabeth (Westmont College, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B16 – Davis, Krysteena (Oakland University, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B17 – Dooley, Faith (University of North Dakota, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B18 – Edwards, Kaity (University of San Diego, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B4 – Fields, Maclaine (Harvard University, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B19 – Forbes, Jennifer (Marymount University, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B20 – Fricano, Taylor (University of North Carolina, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B56 – Fry, Samantha (University of Notre Dame, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B21 – Garvelink, Alyssa (Michigan State University, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B5 – Gates, Madeleine (UCLA, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B6 – Gross, Jasmine (Pepperdine University, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B22 – Haneline, Kayla (University of Northern Iowa, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B1 – Harris, Deja (San Diego State University, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B23 – Heineck, Piper (Air Force, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B24 – Hillyer, Kirstie (Colorado State Volleyball, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B45 – Jackson, Tiana (Florida State University, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B57 – Janota, Jessica (University of Iowa, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B58 – Johnson, Morgan (University of Texas, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B25 – Kearney, Kaitlyn (North Carolina State, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B26 – Keene, Jaelyn (Illinois State University, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B27 – Kiefer-Wright, Claire (University of Michigan, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B28 – King, Darrielle (University of Florida, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B46 – Kramer, Rachael (University of Florida, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B47 – Langs, Sarah (Texas Christian University, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B29 – Legros, Annayka (Coastal Carolina University, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B59 – Line, Alison (Illinois State University, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B7 – Lofton, Deyshia (Indiana University, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B30 – Lohman, Molly (University of Minnesota, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B60 – Martin, Claire (Washington State University, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B31 – McKenzie, Loren (American University, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B61 – Mitchem, Annie (University of Hawaii, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B62 – Mohler, Blake (Purdue University, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B33 – Murray, Ashley (Long Beach State University, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B34 – Murray, Hailey (University of Maryland, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B35 – Murtagh, Madison (University of Southern California, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B36 – O’Neill, Kelsey (University of Pittsburgh, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B63 – Ogbogu, Chiaka (University of Texas, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B38 – Picha, Addison (University of San Diego, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B48 – Pittman, Regan (University of Minnesota, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B39 – Reid, Abigail (Florida Atlantic University, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B40 – Rosenthal, Jenna (Marquette University, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B8 – Sandbothe, Elle (Kansas State University, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B9 – Stone, Ronika (University of Oregon, Middle Blocker, 4pm)
B41 – Stutz, Meredith (Miami University (OH), Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B64 – Vail, Jordan (University of North Dakota, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B2 – Varcolla, Sarah (Youngstown State University, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B10 – Wilhite, Brennan (Cathedral Catholic High School, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B11 – Williams, Deja (Peachtree Ridge High School, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B3 – Witherspoon, Amber (Syracuse University, Middle Blocker, 6pm)
B32 – Wright, Lynsey (Missouri State University, Middle Blocker, 2pm)
B65 – Wylie, Tarah (Pepperdine University, Middle Blocker, 4pm)

Opposites (30)
Jersey – Name (School, Position, Friday Wave Time)
R97 – Abbott, Symone (Northwestern University, Opposite, 2pm)
R85 – Asdell, Elizabeth (Indiana University, Opposite, 2pm)
R76 – Atkinson, Sherridan (Purdue University, Opposite, 4pm)
R83 – Bedart-Ghani, Yaasmeen (University of Texas, Opposite, 6pm)
R82 – Coyle, Reghan (University of Iowa, Opposite, 2pm)
R75 – Fanning, Shelly (Baylor University, Opposite, 6pm)
R74 – Gaskin, Angel (University of Maryland, Opposite, 2pm)
R96 – Goodsel, Brooklyn (Ball State University, Opposite, 2pm)
R95 – Green, Amanda (University of Louisville, Opposite, 6pm)
R94 – Hanna, Jasmine (Colorado State University, Opposite, 4pm)
R73 – Hegarty, Katherine (SMU, Opposite, 4pm)
R81 – Joachim, Taylor (University of Colorado, Opposite, 6pm)
R80 – Laufenberg, Madison (University of North Carolina, Opposite, 2pm)
R99 – Little, Baylee (San Diego State University, Opposite, 2pm)
W13 – Loschen, Elizabeth (University of South Dakota, Opposite, 4pm)
R93 – Mahlke, Katherine (University of Michigan, Opposite, 4pm)
R92 – Miksch, Abigail (Air Force, Opposite, 6pm)
B61 – Mims, Taylor (Washington State University, Opposite, 2pm)
R79 – Payne, Kelsie (University of Kansas, Opposite, 4pm)
R91 – Pennington, Elizabeth (Air Force, Opposite, 6pm)
W17 – Plock, Emily (Southeast Polk High School, Opposite, 2pm)
R78 – Principato, Kayla (University of Denver, Opposite, 4pm)
R90 – Rapacz, Izabella (Temple University, Opposite, 2pm)
R89 – Schoenlein, Casey (Washington State University, Opposite, 2pm)
W18 – Shields, Mikayla (University of South Carolina, Opposite, 4pm)
R88 – Swartz, Lauren (Michigan State University, Opposite, 6pm)
R77 – Thompson, Jordan (University of Cincinnati, Opposite, 4pm)
R87 – Toliver, Holly (Michigan State University, Opposite, 2pm)
R86 – Varga, Alexis (Illinois State University, Opposite, 6pm)
R98 – Wilkinson, Marysa (Creighton University, Opposite, 6pm)

Outside Hitters (51)
Jersey – Name (School, Position, Friday Wave Time)
W5 – Ardila, Athena (Weston High School, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W21 – Badowski, Ally (Indiana University, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W56 – Bailey, Brooke (The Ohio State University, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W1 – Bandel, Darien (Oakland University, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W23 – Bittinger, Kelsey (Kent State University, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W42 – Borup, Taylor (University of North Carolina, Outside Hitter, 4pm)
W24 – Boyer, Anaiah (Kennesaw State University, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W25 – Boyle, Shannon (Sacramento State, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W46 – Brown, Julia (North Carolina State, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W8 – Burse, Jada (University of Kansas, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W43 – Carlson, Brynn (Cretin-Derham Hall HS, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W9 – Cobb, Ytae (Pensacola State College, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W27 – Dailey, Catherine (Yale University, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W10 – Edmond, Leah (University of Kentucky, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W28 – Fuller, Lauren (University of San Diego, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W47 – Granato, McKenna (University of Hawai’i, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W22 – Hackett, Lauren (California Baptist University, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W6 – Hammons, Paige (Sacred Heart Academy, Outside Hitter, 4pm)
W2 – Hardeman, Leah (Coastal Carolina University, Outside Hitter, 4pm)
W11 – Hart, Alexis (University of Minnesota, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W29 – Hill, Emily (Mississippi State University, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W48 – Johnson, Lily (Missouri State University, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W30 – Jones-Perry, Veronica (Brigham Young University, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W31 – Kloth, Taryn (Creighton University, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W49 – Kranda, Brooke (Michigan State University, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W12 – Lanier, Khalia (University of Southern California, Outside Hitter, 4pm)
W50 – Marshall, Mary-Kate (Oregon State University, Outside Hitter, 4pm)
W7 – Martin, Jasmyn (University of Minnesota, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W14 – May, MacKenzie (Wahlert Catholic High School, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W15 – McLean, Brittany (University of Minnesota, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W16 – Miller, McKenna (Brigham Young university, Outside Hitter, 4pm)
W32 – Nobley, Sierra (Boise State University, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W33 – Nusbaum, Carlyle (Lipscomb University, Outside Hitter, 4pm)
W34 – Reuter, Kasey (University of Iowa, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W35 – Rigdon, Madison (University of Kansas, Outside Hitter, 4pm)
W36 – Rusek, Olivia (Miami University (OH), Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W51 – Scambray, Tia (University of Washington, Outside Hitter, 4pm)
W37 – Schultejans, Alyssa (Kansas State University, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W58 – Schwan, Courtney (University of Washington, Outside Hitter, 4pm)
W3 – Scoles, Julia (University of North Carolina, Outside Hitter, 4pm)
W38 – Shebby, Frankie (University of Colorado, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W52 – Smith, Alexa (University of Colorado, Outside Hitter, 4pm)
W44 – Sokolowski, Mia (University of Florida, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W19 – Spann, Justine (University of Colorado, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W20 – Ssozi, Denise (Air Force, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W39 – Tekavec, Kristi (Florida Atlantic University, Outside Hitter, 2pm)
W57 – Wettersrom, Sydney (University of Michigan, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W54 – White, Micaya (University of Texas, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W40 – Williams, Stephanie (University of Pittsburgh, Outside Hitter, 4pm)
W41 – Winters, Jaali (Creighton University, Outside Hitter, 6pm)
W55 – Woodford, McKenna (Washington State University, Outside Hitter, 2pm)

Setters (41)
Jersey – Name (School, Position, Friday Wave Time)
P87 – Akeo, Lynzi (University of Pittsburgh, Setter, 2pm)
P94 – Arnautou, Frances (Yale University, Setter, 6pm)
P93 – Botkin, Brooke (University of Southern California, Setter, 2pm)
P92 – Brisack, Victoria (Indiana University, Setter, 2pm)
P66 – Burkert, Brianne (Florida State University, Setter, 2pm)
P91 – Carlton, Holly (University of North Carolina, Setter, 2pm)
P86 – Dailey, Olivia (University of Kentucky, Setter, 6pm)
P85 – Dixon, Sarah (Kansas State University, Setter, 6pm)
P69 – Donovan, Mary (University of Georgia, Setter, 6pm)
P84 – Evans, Ashley (Purdue University, Setter, 4pm)
P99 – Filley, Alexa (Auburn University, Setter, 4pm)
P83 – Gengenbacher, Kristen (University of San Diego, Setter, 4pm)
P38 – Griffin, Sydney (University of North Dakota, Setter, 4pm)
P81 – Harris, Monique (Iowa State University, Setter, 2pm)
P80 – Havili, Ainise (University of Kansas, Setter, 4pm)
P65 – Hughes, Taylor (The Ohio State University, Setter, 4pm)
P64 – Huskey, Cheyenne (University of Florida, Setter, 6pm)
P68 – Iosia, Norene (University of Hawaii, Setter, 2pm)
P79 – Iruegas, Marlena (Concordia University at Texas, Setter, 2pm)
P78 – Jessen, Brittany (University of South Dakota, Setter, 6pm)
P97 – Kurtz, Kennedy (Sacramento State, Setter, 6pm)
P77 – Leonard, Nicole (University of Southern California, Setter, 2pm)
P90 – Lilley, Madison (Blue Valley West High School, Setter, 4pm)
P63 – McDaniel, Madison (Rice University, Setter, 2pm)
P62 – Nelson, Taylor (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Setter, 4pm)
P89 – Nicholson, Kristyn (Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Setter, 2pm)
P88 – Orr, Gabrielle (University of Iowa, Setter, 6pm)
P75 – Owens, Melissa (Texas Tech University, Setter, 6pm)
P74 – Pickrell, Kylie (North Carolina State, Setter, 6pm)
P73 – Piedimonte, Kristina (Kennesaw State University, Setter, 2pm)
P61 – Porter, Rebecca (North Carolina State, Setter, 6pm)
P96 – Raskie, August (University of Oregon, Setter, 4pm)
P60 – Robins-Hardy, Taira (Brigham Young University, Setter, 6pm)
P72 – Sato, Blossom (Mississippi State University, Setter, 2pm)
P71 – Seaman, Amber (Ball State University, Setter, 2pm)
P70 – Seliger-Swenson, Samantha (University of Minnesota, Setter, 6pm)
P82 – Smith, Taylor (University of Maryland, Setter, 2pm)
P95 – Tashima, Taylor (Northwestern University, Setter, 4pm)
P59 – Weatherless, Jordan (Illinois State University, Setter, 6pm)
P76 – Welsh, Amanda (University of Texas-Arlington, Setter, 6pm)
P67 – Welsh, MacKenzi (University of Michigan, Setter, 4pm)

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