DENVER (March 16, 2019) – The U.S. Women’s National Sitting Team improved to 4-0 in a five-match exhibition series with Canada following two wins on Saturday in Denver. The series finale is on Sunday at 9 a.m. MT at the Colorado Convention Center as part of the Colorado Crossroads junior national qualifier.

Team USA defeated Canada 25-13, 25-23, 25-21 in the opening match on Saturday. The teams agreed to play a bonus fourth set and the Americans won 25-14.

Monique Burkland scored nine points in the regulation three-set win, then added eight points in the bonus fourth set for a total of 17 points. Heather Erickson tallied 10 points in the victory, while Katie Holloway added nine points. Kaleo Maclay contributed eight points, including four aces. Both Erickson and Burkland had 10 receptions during the regulation three-set match, while Sydney Satchell had eight total receptions in playing all but the second set. Nichole Millage added eight receptions and a 62 positive percent, and Bethany Zummo had six receptions and a 50 positive percent in playing just the second set.

The U.S. cruised to a 25-15, 25-12, 25-9 victory over Canada in the afternoon affair, though Canada came back to win the bonus fourth set 25-23.

Erickson paced the U.S. in the fourth match of the series with 17 points, including 10 kills on 20 attacks, four aces and three blocks. She was credited with 14 receptions and a 71 positive reception. Burkland added 11 kills on 15 errorless attacks and five blocks for 16 points. She added 10 receptions with a 50 positive percent. Katie Holloway chipped in eight kills on 15 swings, two aces and two blocks for 12 points. Satchell, who played the second and fourth sets, had nine receptions and a 67 positive percent. Tia Edwards was credited with a 57 positive reception percent on seven chances while starting the first and fourth sets.

U.S. Women’s Sitting Team versus Canada – Match 1
Points: Monique Burkland 17, Heather Erickson 10, Katie Holloway 9, Kaleo Maclay 8, Nichole Millage 4, Lexi Shifflett 4, Jillian Williams 4, Nicky Nieves 3, Tia Edwards 3, Annie Flood 3, Lora Webster 2
Kills-Attacks: Heather Erickson 9-24, Monique Burkland 12-24, Katie Holloway 5-12, Kaleo Maclay 3-3, Tia Edwards 2-2, Nicky Nieves 2-5, Jillian Williams 1-3, Nichole Millage 1-7 Annie Flood 1-3, Emma Schieck 0-2
Blocks: Monique Burkland 5, Katie Holloway 3, Lora Webster 1, Heather Erickson 1, Nichole Millage 1, Kaleo Maclay 1, Annie Flood 1, Tia Edwards 1
Aces: Kaleo Maclay 4, Lexi Shifflett 4, Jillian Williams 3, Nichole Millage 2, Lora Webster 1, Katie Holloway 1, Nicky Nieves 1, Annie Flood 1

U.S. Women’s Sitting Team versus Canada – Match 2
Points: Heather Erickson 17, Monique Burkland 16, Katie Holloway 12, Tia Edwards 5, Nichole Millage 4, Jillian Williams 3, Nicky Nieves 3, Lexi Shifflett 2, Emma Schieck 2, Kaleo Maclay 2, Lora Webster 1, Annie Flood 1
Kills-Attacks: Monique Burkland 11-15, Heather Erickson 10-20, Katie Holloway 8-15, Tia Edwards 3-9, Nichole Millage 2-7, Nicky Nieves 2-9, Jillian Williams 1-2, Annie Flood 1-2, Emma Schieck 1-3
Blocks: Monique Burkland 5, Heather Erickson 3, Katie Holloway 2, Jillian Williams 1, Nichole Millage 1, Kaleo Maclay 1, Nicky Nieves 1
Aces: Heather Erickson 4, Lexi Shifflett 2, Katie Holloway 2, Tia Edwards 2, Lora Webster 1, Jillian Williams 1, Emma Schieck 1, Nichole Millage 1, Kaleo Maclay 1.