2023 Mideast Girls 18s National Qualifier

2023 Mideast Girls National Qualifier

2022 USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championship (GJNC)

2022 Mideast Girls Qualifier (Week Two)

2022 Mideast Girls 18s Qualifier

2021 Windy City Qualifier (Week Two)

Contact: Qualifier staff New Dates and Locations The Windy City Qualifier has now been moved and rescheduled to the following dates and locations: April 23-25, 2021: St. Louis, Missouri – 15s and 16s May 14-16, 2021: Indianapolis, Indiana – 11s-14s, 17s Website

2021 Mideast Qualifier (Week One)

15 Open, 15 Select*, 16s * designates non-bid division Website

2019 USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships

News Indy Set to Host Girls Junior National Championships (6/25) Mintonette Sports Asks ‘Who is Mindy’ at GJNC (6/27) Octane 14U Showcases Courage, Love for Volleyball (6/28) Fates Turn for Many Teams at GJNC Saturday (6/29) Breathe, Believe, Battle: Tstreet Captures 14 Open (6/30) Undefeated Teams Sail Through to Finals in 12 National (7/2) Confidence…