Loren Paulozzi has made Ohio Valley Region’s Southwest VBC into a family affair with a history of success. He began his coaching and club director career almost 25 years ago when his daughters Charlotte and Amy were playing volleyball in grade school. Now both of his daughters are coaches on the Southwest staff serving northeastern Ohio.

Southwest VBC benefits those to achieve excellence in volleyball while promoting interests in the local community. Paulozzi has instilled a program that teaches individuals to excel, promote competitiveness and family unity, and develop leadership skills that transcend athletics into every aspect of a member’s life.

Loren, who is CAP Level I certified, has coached all levels for his club from 10-and-under to 18-and-under. Southwest, a smaller family-oriented club, offers National, American and U teams for the very young. Southwest has trained over 3,000 players since its inception and sent numerous teams to USA Volleyball nationals over the years. Many of its alumni has continued their careers in the college arena.

Currently SWVC does not offer boys’ teams but has in the past. Loren was the Ohio Valley Region’s Boys Program Director from 2008-2010 promoting boys’ club growth, utilizing some newer grassroots approaches.

Southwest offers services such as college exposure using online profile postings, fundraising opportunities, free preseason special positioning training, family atmosphere – all while remaining competitive and having fun. All teams, players and coaches are challenged annually with lofty leadership and personal growth goals for both on- and off-the-court.

Loren retired from General Electric as a manager at their computer facility after 30 years while running Southwest simultaneously.